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CIEE is excited your student is interested in CIEE Study Abroad programs and looks forward to receiving his or her application.

Applications must be postmarked by the deadlines below. Because applications for programs are reviewed on a rolling basis, students are encouraged to submit their application well ahead of the deadline. Applications will not be considered until all materials have been received in Portland, Maine. Late applications are considered on a space-available basis.

Students can expect to be contacted about their status within three business days of the receipt of their application, and will be notified of CIEE’s acceptance decision by email.

If you or your student are interested in receiving CIEE updates, including program changes and enrollment status, sign up for an account here.

Term – Spring Semester/Calendar year

England-London (UCL), Czech Republic-Prague (FS)
September 15
Brazil-Rio de Janeiro, Czech Republic-Prague (CES, CNMJ, GAD), India, Japan, Spain, and United Arab Emirates, Global Internships (Madrid, Paris)
October 1
Brazil-Sao Paulo, England-London (SOAS, Westminster), Korea, South Africa-Cape Town, and Sweden
October 15
Belgium-Brussels (BCC), Brazil-Bahia, Chile, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, England-London (Goldsmiths), France-Paris (OC-Block 1 and Block 2), Rennes, Germany-Berlin (BC, OC-Block 1 and Block 2), Ghana, Italy-Rome (OC-Block 1 and Block 2), Israel, Netherlands-Amsterdam, Senegal, Taiwan, and Tanzania, Global Internships (Berlin, Rome)
November 1
Australia, Botswana, Belgium-Brussels (ALA), France-Paris (FCS), Toulouse, Germany-Berlin (GAD, GSE), Hungary, Ireland, Italy-Ferrara, Jordan, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Thailand
November 15
Argentina, Bonaire, Costa Rica, England-London (OC-Block 3), France-Paris (OC-Block 3), Germany-Berlin (OC-Block 3), Italy-Rome (OC-Block 3), Morocco, Poland
December 1

Term – January

Brazil, China
November 1
All Other January Programs
November 15

Term – Fall Semester/Academic Year

Chile-Santiago (BC), China-Beijing (ACS, ICL), Czech Republic-Prague (CES, CNMJ, FS, GAD), India, Israel, Japan, Netherlands-Amsterdam (SS), South Africa-Cape Town (AS), Global Internship (Madrid)
April 1
Belgium-Brussels (BCC), Botswana, Brazil, Chile-Santiago (LA), France-Toulouse, Korea, Netherlands-Amsterdam (BC), Portugal, Spain, Taiwan
April 15
Australia, Belgium-Brussels (ALA), Bonaire, China-Beijing (SD), Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, England-London (OC-Block 1 and Block 2, Westminster), France-Paris (FCS, OC Block 1 and Block 2), Rennes, Germany-Berlin (OC-Block 1 and Block 2), Hungary, Italy-Ferrara, Rome (OC-Block 1 and Block 2), Mexico, Peru, South Africa-Cape Town (GSE, SL), Global Internship (Berlin, Paris, Rome)
May 1
Argentina, China-Nanjing, Shanghai, Germany-Berlin (BC, GAD, GSE), Ghana, Ireland, Poland, Russia
May 15
England-London (Goldsmiths, OC-Block 3, SOAS), France-Paris (Block 3), Germany-Berlin (OC-Block 3), Italy-Rome (Block-3), Jordan, Morocco, Senegal, Tanzania, Thailand
June 1

Term – Summer

Global Internship Programs (Hong Kong, London, Paris, Singapore, Toronto)
February 15
St. Petersburg RAS Session I & Session II
March 1
All Other Global Internship Programs
March 15
All Other Short Term Summer Programs Session I, Alcala LC Session II, Rabat MS Session II, Intensive and Specialty Program
April 1
Moscow BIR Session II
April 15
Session I Program: ShanghaiBC
May 15
Session II Programs: AmsterdamBUSCOM, Legon GS, Santiago DR LC, Taipei BIR
May 15
Session II and III Programs: AlicanteLC, Amman MES, Amsterdam CNS, Barcelona BC, Barcelona LC, Berlin OC, Buenos Aires LC, Cape Town SAS, Dakar SS, Dublin ETS SU, Dublin IS, Ferrara LCSU, Guanajuato LC, Lima LC SU, London OC, Monteverde SE, Palma LC, Paris OC, Prague CES, Prague CNMJ, Prague PSY, Rome OC, Seville LC, Toulouse BC, Toulouse ETS SU,Toulouse LC SU
May 15
All Other Short Term Summer Programs Session II, All Short Term Summer Programs Session III
May 1

Contact CIEE

You can call 1-800-40-STUDY (1-800-407-8839) or e-mail with questions regarding application deadlines or extensions.

A note from CIEE regarding independent travel prior to the start of our programs: Please be aware that the visa process for some countries may require students to surrender their passports for several weeks prior to the start date of the CIEE program. These consular requirements may impact independent travel plans. Visa requirements should be investigated and considered by all applicants prior to planning independent travel. CIEE requires all students to be in possession of the proper visa documentation in order to participate in our program.