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Spend your winter break embarking on a fascinating journey in the heart of the Renaissance in the enchanting city of Florence! This three-week January program is tailor-made for students from all academic backgrounds who will be awed and inspired in the birthplace of artistic genius.

Florence is a small city in the region of Tuscany, which is situated in central Italy. The city is surrounded by hills boasting the quintessential Tuscan landscape of cypress trees, handsome estates, olive groves and vineyards. The Arno River runs through the city, punctuated by picturesque bridges like the world-famous Ponte Vecchio.

Every region of Italy has its own culinary traditions and Tuscany is no exception; wine and olive oil making up much of the region’s economic backbone. The countryside in the Chianti region of Tuscany is breathtaking in every season. While living and learning in this Italian gem, Siena, Arezzo, Lucca, Pisa, Prato, Pistoia are Tuscan Renaissance cities worth visiting and are all within reach for a simple and inexpensive day trip. 

Unique Experiences



Such as the Duomo and the Uffizi Gallery


Living alongside Florentines


By learning Italian phrases and enjoying authentic Italian cuisine







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Your Destination

Home to a treasure trove of artistic and architectural jewels and a rich cultural heritage, Florence is considered the cradle of the Renaissance. Its rich historic and artistic foundation makes Florence an exciting choice for study abroad students from all backgrounds. From its renowned art galleries and museums, such as the Uffizi Gallery, to its unrivaled architecture, like the impressive Duomo, Florence is a student-friendly city boasting endless opportunities to immerse oneself in the local language, food, and culture.  

Florence is also a vibrant and contemporary city. Like many university towns of Northern Europe, it values diversity, integration and inclusion. It welcomes non-Italians to work and study here, proportionately more than other Italian towns and cities. There are, therefore, a plethora of eateries that celebrate “new and different” cuisine (including a surprisingly high number of establishments catering to dietary restrictions) in addition to the standard, traditional Florentine fare. All of this makes studying abroad in Florence nothing short of spectacular!  

CIEE wants all our students to feel welcomed, supported, and empowered to succeed while studying abroad. Local CIEE staff have provided details about conditions and cultural attitudes that students with specific identities might encounter in Florence. 

The Culture

Florence student tour

Excursions & Activities

Activities are subject to change at CIEE's discretion to adapt to local circumstances and participant feedback. Our goal when revising itineraries is always to enhance your experience. Every activity is designed to provide you with a deep immersion in your topic, local culture and sights. Activities may include:  

  • Visiting significant Florence locations, such as the Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, Piazzale Michelangelo, and more
  • Visiting smaller historical Tuscan cities, such as Lucca, Siena, or Volterra  
  • Learning to prepare a typical, seasonal Florentine dish 

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Students spend three weeks in January taking coursework complemented with co-curricular activities to immerse you in the culture and facilitate intercultural learning.  

CIEE Florence: Situated in the lively square of Piazza Santo Spirito, CIEE Florence is ideally located in Palazzo Guadagni, a historically significant building characterized by its stone façade, high vaulted ceilings, and remarkable frescoes. Palazzo Guadagni is renowned as one of the best examples of a Florentine Renaissance palace. The art and history the building carries will inspire students who choose to study here in the cradle of the Rennaissance.



Additional Requirements

Please refer to the detailed Program Essential Eligibility Criteria.

Individual courses may have additional prerequisites; for CIEE courses, these are listed in the syllabi below. Students are responsible for having their own course approval conversations with their advisors.


All students take one required course. 

Program Credit

Total credit: 3 U.S. semester/4.5 quarter credits 

Course Credit

CIEE courses: 3 U.S. semester/4.5 quarter credits; 45 contact hours 

Individual courses may have additional prerequisites; for CIEE courses, these are listed in the syllabi below. Students are responsible for having their own course approval conversations with their advisors.

Academic Culture

The program is made up of three weeks of classes with an intensive orientation beforehand. CIEE courses are designed to follow U.S. academic culture. Class attendance is strictly enforced both for classes and required co-curricular excursions. 

Class Format

Courses are for CIEE students only. Courses are taught Monday through Friday. Instruction is supported and augmented online by our learning management system, Canvas. 


Assessment is based on the individual’s overall performance in the course, including essays, coursework, and final examinations or papers. Students must check with their professors to find out exam and project presentation dates. Under no circumstances will CIEE alter deadlines or exam dates for study abroad students who have made conflicting travel plans. The U.S. grading scale of A-F is used. 

Individual courses may have additional prerequisites; for CIEE courses, these are listed in the syllabi below. Students are responsible for having their own course approval conversations with their advisors.

Language of Instruction


Individual courses may have additional prerequisites; for CIEE courses, these are listed in the syllabi below. Students are responsible for having their own course approval conversations with their advisors.


Course Information

Visual and Performing Arts

Semester Credit

Note: This course listing is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a contract between CIEE and any applicant, student, institution, or other party. The courses, as described, may be subject to change as a result of ongoing curricular revisions, assignment of lecturers and teaching staff, and program development. Courses may be canceled due to insufficient enrollment.
"(GI)" denotes courses that originated at CIEE's Global Institutes and that are offered at multiple CIEE sites.

Dates & Fees

Dates & Fees

You get more for every dollar when you study abroad with CIEE, because our high-quality programs include everything from excursions to insurance. There are no hidden charges, and no disappointing surprises when you arrive.


Application Due

Start Date

End Date

Fees & Housing

Program January 2025 3 weeks Start Date End Date Fees & Housing $4,250

To help you budget, keep in mind that students are responsible for the cost of international airfare, local transportation, books and supplies, visas, and personal expenses. In addition, your college or university may charge additional fees for study abroad, or may require you to receive a transcript via CIEE's School of Record, which carries an additional fee of $500.

Program Fees

CIEE offers the most student support of any provider in its program fee, including an airport greeting, full-time leadership and support, orientation, cultural activities, local excursions, pre-departure advising, and CIEE iNext travel protection with benefits.

Participation Confirmation = $300*

Educational Costs = $2,720**

Housing = $1,150***

Insurance = $80

Total Fees = $4,250

Estimated Costs

Students are responsible and manage costs related to travel, meals, books, and personal expenses. Below are estimates for consideration.

Meals not included in program fee = $218

International Airfare = $1,250††

Local Transportation = $60†††

Books & Supplies = $100

Personal expenses = $150††††

Total Costs = $1,778

Financial Aid

CIEE offers the most grants and scholarships of any study abroad organization, including $8 million/year in travel grants, merit-based scholarships, institutional and MSI grants, and Gilman Go Global Grants.

See Scholarships

*non-refundable fee

**direct cost of education charged uniformly to all students

***Housing fees listed are for financial aid purposes only and should not be considered a basis for calculation of refunds.

For groceries if you plan on making your own meals, budget more money if you plan on eating out regularly.

††round-trip based on U.S. East Coast departure

†††15 euro per 10 bus/tram rides

††††$100 emergency fund + cell phone expense + toiletries

What's Included



Pre-departure Advising

Advising before you depart to set goals and answer questions

Optional on-site airport meet-and-greet


Introduction to your program plus practical information about living in your host city

On-site Staff

Full-time program leadership and support in your city

Cultural and/or Co-curricular Activities

Excursions and/or Study Tours

Travel Protection

CIEE iNext travel protection

24/7 emergency on-site support


Our Staff

Tina Marisa Rocchio

Center Director

Tina grew up between the mountains of Vermont and the coastline of Rhode Island and has spent her adult life between Tuscany and Rome. Mastering Italian in high school, she...

Carla Fronteddu

Academic Director

Carla has a decade of experience in American study abroad programs and universities in Florence.

Francesca Cellini

Student Life Manager

Francesca is pursuing her passion to assist international students who have decided to embark in this life-changing experience of studying abroad.

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