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You can design an epic quarter abroad with CIEE! Select the quarter that works best for you by combining our open campus program blocks or blocks with summer program sessions. You can spend the entire quarter in one location or travel to another after one block or session. No matter your academic focus, we have high-quality coursework to help you meet major requirements or electives with courses in the following tracks: 

  • Art and Architecture
  • Business
  • Communication, New Media, and Journalism
  • Global and Community Health
  • International Relations and Political Science
  • Language, Literature, and Culture
  • STEM and Society

Choose from these dynamic cities

CIEE’s Open Campus Block programs are available in dynamic international cities on three continents. You can study at one or move between cities after blocks and/or sessions.


Buenos Aires

Cape Town















Quarter Program Combinations When Duration Credit
Winter Open Campus Spring Block I & II January 2 to March 25 12 weeks 12-14 credit / 18-21 quarter hours
Spring Open Campus Spring Block III & Summer Block I March 27 to June 24 10 weeks 9-11 credit / 13.5-16.5 quarter hours
Summer I Summer Sessions II & III (4-week summer programs) June 12 to August 5 8 weeks 6-8 credit / 9-12 quarter hours
Summer II Summer Block II & Open Campus Fall Block I June 26 to September 24 10 weeks 9 credit / 13.5 quarter hours
Fall Open Campus Fall Blocks II & III September 25 to December 16 12 weeks 12-14 credit / 18-21 quarter hours


Featured Programs

1 out of 3 CIEE students receive scholarships and grants. Learn more about what’s available for you to study abroad next quarter by talking to your study abroad office today!