Study Abroad in Morocco

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 A long-time symbol of tolerance, Morocco established a precedence of openness and cooperation to the Western world when it became the first country to recognize the United States in 1777. As a strategic gateway between Europe, Africa, and the Arab world, Morocco has a rich identity forged by a complicated history of cross-cultural interactions. The result is a multicultural and multilingual society full of contrasts and harmony.

Enjoy concerts and festivals; field trips to the ancient ruins of Chellah and the Andalucian Gardens, and visits to local elementary schools and government agencies. Practice your newly acquired language skills by visiting local markets and attending music and theater performances and take a one-week study tour to Fez and Marrakech. Study Arabic language, culture, international relations or compare African and European business practices in a combo program with Seville.

Whatever you choose, CIEE study abroad in Morocco offers homestays, volunteering opportunities and multiple cultural excursions throughout the country that ensure your international experience is an exceptional, fully immersive one.

Study Abroad Programs in Morocco