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Angel Atiso
Admissions Advisor, East Coast
I had the opportunity to study abroad in Rome, Italy in 2019 and in Havana, Cuba with CIEE in 2018. I loved getting to gain new perspectives while immersing myself in diverse cultures. The greatest outcome from my study abroad experience was being able to generate long lasting relationships with my host families and the friends I met along the way. My advice for students going aboard is to not be afraid to say Yes! My bucket list travel destination is Seville, Spain. 
Kayla Avisror
Admissions Advisor,
Strategic Partnerships
I have always wanted to work in the sphere of travel, but I didn’t know I wanted to be in Educational Exchange until my own experience abroad. I was lucky enough to travel to Sorrento, Italy with my university in my junior year which shaped the pathway for my future. Travelling is an amazing way to learn just as much about oneself as the world around you. My advice for students looking to go abroad would be to befriend locals as they will be able to show you their home in a completely different lens than you would be able to find on your own. My bucket list travel destination is New Zealand.
Sophie Creegan
Admissions Advisor,
Strategic Partnerships
Originally from the Cayman Islands, I have been lucky to spend a lot of time throughout the Caribbean and Central America. My favorite part of my travels has definitely been the food and building relationships with others. My advice to any student studying abroad would be to keep an open mind and be willing to expand your perspectives. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, painting and getting outside! My bucket list travel destination has to be Paris, France! 
Sarah Dearborn
Admissions Advisor, West Coast
I had the opportunity to study abroad with CIEE in Paris, France for a semester and Monteverde, Costa Rica for a January Term. My favorite part of both experiences was learning about the different cultures and meeting the locals. My advice for a student studying abroad would be: Be willing to try new things and always be open to new experiences. My bucket list travel destination is Japan.
Freda Fosu
Admissions Advisor,
Strategic Partnerships
I studied with CIEE in Paris and throughout my time there got the opportunity to travel to Barcelona and Berlin. I’ve always had a fascination with the French culture and history and some of my favorite moments while abroad were immersing in the culture and seeing the local's way of life. Studying abroad completely changed my outlook and direction of life and I encourage everyone to take this path to self-discovery. My bucket list travel destination is New Zealand.  
Janet Mingo
Admissions Advisor,
I am a Suffolk Virginia Native, and graduate of Norfolk State University. During my Undergraduate career I studied abroad 3 times. Twice studied in Japan twice, and CuraƧao. I have worked in higher education for the past 7 years. My true desire is to help everyone I encounter to broaden their horizons.
Nada Osman
Admissions Advisor, Northeast

I have travelled to Spain, Netherlands, Egypt, and Jordan. I enjoyed the great food and the great views that each location had to offer. I am hoping to visit Morocco soon! I enjoy being outdoors and in nature, so you may find me hiking in the Catskills or even taking a walk in the nearest park. For any students thinking about studying abroad, please reach out! I am more than happy to support you in the application process and initial steps.

Kiana Raiford-Johnson
Admissions Advisor, West Coast

I had the opportunity to live in Hawai'I for 3 years to complete my undergraduate studies, which I see as a similar study abroad opportunity. I am lucky to be a part of a military family which requires me to move to several different places. My favorite travel experience has been visiting Cambodia when I was younger and hope to plan another trip in the future soon! On my free time, I love heading to the dog park with my dog, watching Judge Judy, and listening to music! My bucket list travel destination is Iceland, Thailand, and South Korea.

Kayla Sheperd
Admissions Advisor,
Strategic Partnerships
I had the opportunity to study abroad in Paris Fall 2016. I loved being able to fully immerse myself in the culture and language. Some of my favorite moments from studying abroad stem from making new friends, trying new foods, and encountering different ways of life. Studying abroad is an amazing experience, and anyone who can, should! It’s something you will always remember. My bucket list travel destination is Iceland!