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study abroad in japan

Study in Japan with CIEE and learn Japanese abroad in one of the oldest countries in the world! 

Explore CIEE’s study abroad programs in Japan and experience the vibrant life, history, and culture of Japan. If you’re wondering how to study abroad in Japan, CIEE has got you covered with our variety of study abroad programs offered in Kyoto and Tokyo. When you study in Japan, you can learn Japanese abroad, regardless of your knowledge of the Japanese language, and improve your cultural understanding of this fascinating city. 

Choose the city in Japan that intrigues you most, from the modern, yet traditional capital of Tokyo to the temple and teahouse-rich cultural capital of Kyoto. Study for a summer, semester, or year and complete courses in Japan including communication, business, Japanese language, history, philosophy, religion, and more. 

In all of these locations, CIEE Japan gives you access to homestays, internships, volunteering opportunities, and direct enrollment options with added cultural clubs, activities, and excursions that provide a uniquely immersive international experience. Come write your story of Japan with CIEE!

Best Places to Study Abroad in Japan

  • japan study abroad programs in kyoto


    Explore Japan's picturesque cultural capital full of temples, teahouses, museums, and more. 

    More about Kyoto

  • japan study abroad programs in tokyo


    Create your own adventure in Japan's capital city of Tokyo with a unique blend of ultramodern and traditional. 

    More about Tokyo

Studying Abroad in Japan Experience

  • "The program offers a lot of opportunities to put yourself out there and learn the culture and history of the country you're staying in. It will also give you the opportunity to make new friends."

    Caleb C., University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign

Study Abroad Programs in Japan

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Japan is a good place to study abroad in Asia for students interested in studying Japanese abroad and learning about Japanese history and culture. With a unique history, traditional cuisine, ancient customs, and a variety of course options, Japan is an exciting study abroad destination for students looking for an adventure! 


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CIEE offers multiple study abroad programs in Japan across two locations: Kyoto and Tokyo. Japan's cultural capital, Kyoto is regarded as the more relaxed, less expensive destination full of temples, shrines, and gardens. Tokyo, on the other hand, is the larger, more urban city with exciting nightlife, modern technology, and tens of thousands of restaurants. 

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Other Study Abroad Locations in Asia

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    Explore historical sites from the Great Wall and French Concession, to the Forbidden City and Summer Palace. 

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  • asia south korea study abroad

    South Korea

    With modern high-rises, ancient palaces and shrines, and a booming music scene, South Korea blends modern with new. 

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    Nestled in Southeast Asia, Singapore is a global financial powerhouse with  beautiful sites that every student can enjoy. 

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