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  • Business + Culture

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    The Dutch capitol of Amsterdam is an ideal place for studying global business.

  • January in Cape Town

    Cape Town, South Africa

    Spend J-term in the stunningly beautiful city of Cape Town exploring South African history.

  • Summer Sessions Online

    Portland, Online

    Staying home this summer doesn't mean you can't make the world your classroom!

  • Virtual Global Internship - 12 Week

    Portland, Online

    Full-time virtual internship with employers around the world

    Full-time virtual internship with employers around the world

  • Virtual Global Internship - 8 Week

    Portland, Online

    Experience the changing world of work without leaving your home

  • Open Campus Block

    Yucatan, Mexico

    Our Open Campus Block program allows you to start studying in Yucatán, then study in two other countries in one term.

  • Accelerated Chinese Language

    Shanghai, China

    Whether you’re a rank beginner or have strong Chinese language skills, you’ll progress by leaps and bounds, moving ahead at least two levels with CIEE in Shanghai.

  • Advanced Chinese Studies

    Beijing, China

    The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Olympic Stadium are just some of the awesome historic sites that will amaze you

  • Advanced Liberal Arts

    Barcelona, Spain

    A variety of outings and trips beyond the city make your understanding of this diverse region complete – and unforgettable.