Study Abroad in the United Arab Emirates

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Skirting the edge of the Arabian Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates allows you to study abroad where the faces of the population still reflect the ancient trade routes running east. The United Arab Emirates is a true melting pot of cultures, and our program enables you to explore the concept of “local” in a UAE context as you live alongside Emirati and the other nationalities who call the country home.

Spend a semester or a year improving your Arabic language skills while exploring the UAE’s role as a global hub for trade, business, and cultural exchange. Ponder French masterpieces at a local art museum, buy spices and dates from a vendor in the old market, take camel ride through the desert or try indoor skiing.

And by enrolling at a university with students from over 80 countries, volunteering with local organizations, and interning with local companies, you’ll embrace a truly immersive international experience with CIEE study abroad in UAE.

Study Abroad Programs in United Arab Emirates

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