Study Abroad in Ghana

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Study abroad boat marina in Ghana
Study abroad in Ghana
Study abroad drumset in  Ghana

With CIEE, you have tremendous opportunities to experience, learn from, and immerse yourself in every facet of Ghanaian and West African life and culture. Study Twi, Ghana’s most widely spoken language in Legon; enroll directly in courses at the country’s oldest university; and study West African performing arts, such as music and dance.

And with homestays, volunteer and internship opportunities, and both day-long and extended excursions to museums, islands, botanical gardens and waterfalls, CIEE study abroad in Ghana gives you a fully immersive international experience whether you study for a summer, a semester or an entire year.

Study Abroad Programs in Ghana

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What People are Saying

  • "The experience is like no other. I also think CIEE is very organized in how they run the program. I am very pleased."

    Olivia D.,
  • "With the scholarships that CIEE provides, CIEE makes studying abroad more accessible for low-income students. CIEE also streamlines the studying abroad process by providing students with helpful step-by-step instructions of required actions and with support from responsive staff."

    Mariah D., Emory University
  • "CIEE provided a great and enlightening program that allowed students to really experience the host culture while fostering community. Since being on this program, my life goals have been infused with aspects I have received from my program."

    Deven D., Susquehanna University