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Study Abroad in Africa

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Can any other continent match the diversity & dimension of Africa?

Complex history. Beautiful scenery. Cultural traditions. Few regions offer an experience that is more challenging or rewarding than studying abroad in Africa.

Perhaps you choose a public health program in Botswana – with its diamond-strong pula and lush Okavango oasis – or maybe you're interested in social entrepreneurship in Ghana – the namesake of West Africa’s first great empire. Maybe you want to explore North Africa’s colorful, diverse Morocco or are drawn to the affordable, lively lifestyle of South Africa. With extensive opportunities to learn, intern, and volunteer, CIEE has the study abroad program in Africa that's right for you.

How to Study Abroad in Africa

With several study abroad programs in Africa, CIEE provides you with a broad range of courses, cultural excursions to key historic sites, volunteer opportunities, and weeklong homestays with local families! All of this can be yours if you start a study abroad application today! With CIEE study abroad in Africa, the question isn’t simply what to study, but where?

Countries to Study Abroad in Africa

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Explore national parks and the Kalahari Desert while immersing yourself in the culture of Botswana.

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Live in a homestay, volunteer, and participate on excursions to museums, islands, botanical gardens, waterfalls, and more.

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Experience Moroccan culture through homestays, volunteering opportunities, excursions, and more.

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South Africa

Study abroad in South Africa with CIEE and earn college credit abroad in Cape Town.

Study in up to 3 Cities this Semesters

Design Your Own Program

With CIEE's open campus model, you can design your very own study abroad semester program to include up to three different locations. Feel free to build your own program using our custom study abroad tool, spin the globe, or take a look at experiences around some of our most popular open campus combinations!

Questions about Study Abroad in Africa

Put simply, yes! You can study abroad in Africa with CIEE by completing the following steps:

  1. Search our study abroad programs in Africa and pick your favorite
  2. Connect with your campus study abroad office
  3. Start your study abroad application  

Studying abroad in Africa is a unique experience for students interested in a variety of subjects, from international politics and environmental studies to history and economics. If you’re wondering why you should study abroad in Africa, check out these key reasons:

  • Africa offers a diverse environment rich in history, culture, politics, and more, making it an ideal destination for students with various interests.
  • Africa provides a great destination for volunteer work and internships, as students can easily get involved with their local community.
  • Africa is a very affordable study abroad destination compared to other countries. Plus, CIEE offers a variety of scholarships & grants

Africa is generally regarded as a safe study abroad destination. As with any location abroad, we encourage students to stay aware of their surroundings, travel in groups when possible, and keep their belongings secure. For more safety information, visit our Health Safety, & Security page.

Choosing the best country to study abroad in Africa is subjective, but we can offer the top 4 countries to study in Africa:

  1. Botswana
  2. Ghana
  3. Morocco
  4. South Africa