Health, Safety, & Security

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Risks Vs. Rewards Of Studying And Traveling Abroad

Study abroad is essential for everyone seeking to become more knowledgeable of our world and how we live together on one planet. Everyone’s tolerance for risk differs, and it is important for students to have a serious discussion with loved ones about what risks and uncertainties they are willing to assume.

Given the value that CIEE places on the study abroad experience—it is our mission, after all—we are willing to offer programs throughout the world, confident that we are helping the world become a better, safer place. We believe that through exposure to other societies, cultures and ideas our students can in fact, “change the world.”

2019 Health, Safety, and Security Report

To contextualize actual risk to CIEE’s overseas participants, the HSS team annually performs a comprehensive analysis of the incidents reported to us. The 2019 Health, Safety, and Security Report examines the incidents reported to us during calendar year 2018, and provides comparisons to the past three years of the risks, incidents, and trends for our 44000+ participants in our overseas programs.

The better we understand the environment, the better able we are to design specific and targeted interventions and mitigation strategies to improve both student safety and our support response.

Our Support

When incidents and events do happen, we anticipate that some of our participants may struggle in the aftermath. We are prepared to help all of our students come to terms with the situation and determine their next steps. Should any participant wish to discuss returning home early, our staff stands ready to work with them, compassionately and respectfully, to help chart a path forward that includes full understanding of any academic and/or financial consequences. We will advocate, to the best of our abilities, with local universities, but we do not control the academic policies of host country universities. We can also help students explore alternative methods of securing academic credit, should that be possible. Of course, we will also continue to support in every way possible those participants who wish to continue their studies abroad.

Health and Safety Alerts

Active safety and security announcements will be posted here.

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Latest announcements

  • Mon, 10/21/2019

    CIEE Security Alert – Chile (UPDATE)

    Some trade unions and other social organizations called for a nationwide general strike on Monday, 21 October. The strike is in response to a curfew being imposed during recent unrest and the deployment of military personnel on the streets. Those calling for the strike say the recent security...

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  • Sun, 10/20/2019

    CIEE Security Alert - Chile

    Chile’s protests, and state of emergency, have expanded from Santiago to other cities, including Valparaiso. All CIEE participants in Chile have been confirmed safe.

    Chile’s President Piñera has announced that he would be suspending the proposed transportation fare increases...

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  • Sat, 10/19/2019

    CIEE Security Alert - Santiago, Chile

    All CIEE participants in Santiago, Chile are safe following unrest related to a metro fare increase. Chile’s president has declared a state of emergency in Santiago due to the unrest, which has included property damage as well as injuries from clashes between police and protesters....

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  • Fri, 10/18/2019

    CIEE Security Alert - Barcelona, Spain (Update)

    Protests and demonstrations continue in Barcelona, Spain.  The demonstrations are predominantly peaceful during the day but have included some clashes between the police and protesters in the evenings, and daytime clashes are a possibility.  Until now, daytime demonstrations...

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  • Wed, 10/16/2019

    CIEE Security Alert - Barcelona, Spain

    On Tuesday, October 15th, protesters and police  clashed in central Barcelona as unrest linked to the Supreme Court’s decision to sentence nine Catalan separatist leaders continues. Scuffles broke out after protesters attempted to breakdown barriers erected around the Government...

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