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  • Good News from Cape Town
    By Corporate Communications at CIEE
    Cape Town dams are collectively at 74% full with some at overcapacity with sluice gates open to direct water to other dams. This year’s water supply surpasses the levels of...keep reading
    Staffing Updates
    By Corporate Communications at CIEE
    Cristina Salgado Academic Director, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Cristina’s academic background is in education with a focus on second language acquisition, pedagogy, and intercultural learning. She has taught in the...keep reading
  • Moving Beyond the Generic "Be Safe"
    By Bill Bull at CIEE
    “Oh, you are going to study abroad? Well, be safe.” “If you're going to South America, be careful. It’s dangerous out there.” These are the types of warnings that people...keep reading
  • Applying Intern Research to Academic Affairs
    By Alexandra Wood at CIEE
    For the past seven years, CIEE has welcomed talented and enthusiastic CIEE Study Abroad alumni to our Portland, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts offices for nine-week internships working on challenging, strategic...keep reading

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