Here you will find a list of active alerts to help communicate any health and safety updates regarding our students on programs.

  • Fri, 08/03/2018

    CIEE Security Alert – Shanghai

    Local media reports on Friday, 3 August, indicate that more than 134,000 people in Shanghai have been evacuated to secure shelters, as Typhoon Jongdari struck the city at around 1030 hrs local time (0230 UTC). The storm made landfall in the coastal Jinshan district. There have been major travel...

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  • Fri, 07/27/2018

    CIEE Security Alert – Japan

    Typhoon Jongdari has made landfall on the Ogasawara islands on Friday, 27 July and is forecast to hit Japan’s largest main island of Honshu late on Saturday, 28 July or early on Sunday, 29 July. The Typhoon is currently projected to make landfall on Honshu significantly southwest of Tokyo...

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  • Thu, 07/26/2018

    CIEE Security Alert – Beijing

    No CIEE Beijing participants were impacted and all are accounted for following a small explosion on the street outside the US Embassy compound in Beijing. The explosion occurred at approximately 1pm (Beijing time) on July 26, 2018. According to reports, there was one individual who detonated a...

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  • Mon, 07/23/2018


    A shooting last night in Toronto did not directly impact CIEE and all Toronto CIEE participants have been accounted for.

    Yesterday, 22 July, an unidentified gunman opened fire on passers-by in the Greektown neighborhood of Toronto. At least one person was killed alongside the shooter who...

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  • Mon, 06/18/2018


    According to a statement from the Japan Meteorological Agency, an earthquake of magnitude 5.9 has struck the region of Kansai. The earthquake occurred at 0800 hours local time (2300 UTC), roughly 2km (1.2mi) from the town of Takatsuki, in the Osaka Prefecture (roughly 250 miles south of Tokyo)....

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