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Global Navigator Students

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CIEE’s Global Navigator High School Study Abroad programs prepare American high school students for a bright future in today’s increasingly global and interconnected world.

High school students are open-minded and ready to learn about themselves and the world. A small seed of change planted at this point in a student’s development can influence the trajectory of their lives in a positive, lasting way.

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What People are Saying

  • "On my trip to Mexico, I was able to learn the true meaning of service and leadership. I was able to learn more about Mexican culture and my own. I was able to grow so much." 

    --Angelie S., Global Navigator High School Summer Abroad in Mexico

By the Numbers

  • 93%

    of alumni

    report they can now navigate across cultural differences

  • 91%

    of alumni

    have a deepened understanding of their own culture and values

  • 83%

    of alumni

    are more prepared to join a global workforce