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Why Join the CIEE Alumni Global Network?

Expand Your Network 

on a global scale, and find alumni in your area through Local Alumni Chapters.

Gain Professional Experience

through webinars, networking events, and mentorship opportunities.

Be The First To Know About Upcoming Events,

including local alumni gatherings and online events.

Be An Advocate 

for international education.


Connect with alumni from across CIEE’s family of programs, living and working in 170 countries around the world.

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With members around the world, the CIEE Alumni Global Network plugs you into a vast international network of alumni engaged in a wide range of careers, industries, and personal pursuits.

Career Resources

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Coming Home

Welcome to the large—and expanding—community of CIEE program alumni


Grades & Transcripts

Find out how and when academic records from your time abroad are reported.

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Career Resources

Tips on how to highlight your CIEE program experience on your resume and more!

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