Refer-a-Friend Rewards

Refer Friends. Earn Extra Cash!

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Refer Friends. Earn Extra Cash!

Studying and teaching abroad is transformative and life changing!

That’s why when you refer your friends to a CIEE program you’ll earn a $200 cash reward when they travel with us. We’ll also give them a $200 discount on their program too!

Get started today and refer away! 

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?


Log in to your MyCIEE account. (Forgot your password? No worries, you can just reset it on the login page)


Generate your own referral link to share on social, text message or email. Alumni can refer friends in MyCIEE by entering their email address directly. 


Track active referrals in your own dashboard. For every friend who travels on a CIEE program, you’ll earn a $200 cash reward.


Frequently Asked Questions

To qualify as a referral, your friends need to open their CIEE application via the unique referral link you shared with them. Your friends will get their discount and you’ll qualify for a reward once they go on program. (On your referral dashboard, their application will show as “arrived”.)

If you have lots of like-minded friends, you could get thousands of dollars in rewards in no time all with the satisfaction of helping your friends grow into globe trotters like you! Read our terms and conditions for payout schedule.

The Refer-A-Friend program is open to all CIEE alum and participants from high school and college study abroad, teach abroad and TEFL certifications. Parents who were listed as "primary emergency contacts" of current or past participants (dating back to 2018) can also refer friends. Not sure if you qualify? Just log onto your account! Your referral dashboard will show on your homepage if you have access to the Refer-A-Friend program.

Anyone! Friends, family, co-workers – just no pets! CIEE offers a wide range of programs to study or teach abroad for all ages, starting in high school, and covering college years and beyond with Teach abroad programs or TEFL certification programs. Please note the person opening the application needs to be the one who will eventually travel/participate to the CIEE program.

Refer friends for as many programs as you'd like! Just remember that your referral needs to enroll and “arrive” on a current college study abroad program, high school study abroad program, gap program, or teach program, or enroll in a current 150-hour TEFL Certification course for you to qualify for the reward.

This referral program applies to all current and high school study abroad programs, with the exception of January terms programs.

This referral program applies to all current teach abroad programs.

The referral program applies only to the 150-hour TEFL Certification course.