CIEE Alumni Refer-a-Friend Program Terms & Conditions


1.1. The CIEE “Refer-a-Friend program offers eligible CIEE alumni, eligible summer 2021 and fall 2021 college, high school, teach abroad and TEFL participants, and summer high school abroad parents (“Referrer/s”) the opportunity to refer friends (“Friend/s”) to enroll in CIEE’s High School Summer Abroad, High School Semester Abroad, GAP Abroad, College Study Abroad, College Away, Teach Abroad programs (“Programs”) and TEFL’s 150-hour Certification Course ("TEFL Course").  

1.1a “Programs” that do not qualify for the Refer-a-Friend program include the College Study Abroad January Term programs and any TEFL programs other than the TEFL 150-hour Certification Course.   

1.1a Referrer/s must have an existing account in Polaris system to participate in the Refer-a-Friend Program. Host family referrers must have hosted a CIEE international student in the past and not be on CIEE’s do not contact or denied from past hosting experiences lists.

1.2. These terms apply to individuals who are accessing or using the Refer-a-Friend program both as Referrers and as Friends. 

1.3. By participating in the Refer-a-Friend program, Referrer/s and Friend/s agree to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety you are not authorized to participate in the Refer-a-Friend program in any manner. 

1.4. The Refer-a-Friend program will run from May through December 2021. Referrer/s can refer Friend/s during this time for the qualified Spring 2022, Summer 2022, and Fall 2022 “Programs”. 


2.1. Referrers refer Friends through their CIEE online account, which is accessible at Through their online account, Referrers can obtain a unique URL enrollment link to share with Friends via email, text or social media.  Alternatively, they can enter the names and email addresses of Friends and CIEE will send a one-time email to the Friends with their enrollment link (this functionality does not apply to parents of alums).  Contact information of Friends will not be used for general marketing purposes unless they apply for a CIEE program.  

2.2. There are no limits on the number of Friends that Referrers may refer to the Programs or TEFL 150-hour Certification Course. 

2.3. To qualify for rewards and discounts, Friends must not have had a pre-existing application with CIEE and must create a new application and enroll in a Program or TEFL 150-hour Certification Course using the unique enrollment URL provided by CIEE to the Referrers and Friends.  Please note the person opening the application needs to be the person who will travel/participate in the CIEE program.  

2.4. Friends receive a $200 discount (“Discount”) on the regular cost of the Program or TEFL 150-hour Certification Course. Discounts cannot be applied to previous applications or purchases and may be subject to program grant caps. If the Friends Program/s or TEFL Course balance is less than the program Discount, the Friend will not receive a cash refund. If a Friend/s referred application is deferred or changed to any Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Summer 2022, or Fall 2022 program, the Discount will still be applied when the application is at “Complete” status.   

2.5 Referrer/s cannot refer a sibling if the sibling is also receiving a Go Abroad Again alumni discount. Alumni cannot refer other alumni for an additional program. 

2.6 Referrers cannot refer themselves for any CIEE Program or TEFL 150-hour Certification Course.  

2.7. Referrer/s earn a reward of $200 for each qualified referred Friend who enrolls in a Program/s and reaches the “Arrived” enrollment status or enrolls in a TEFL 150-hour Certification Course and reaches the “Arrived” enrollment status after submitting at least one academic assignment. Referrer/s can monitor the enrollment status of their Friend/s through a referral dashboard on their CIEE online account through 

2.8. Eligible Referrer/s must provide CIEE with their bank account information and a completed W-9 tax form in order to receive their reward, which will be paid as a direct deposit within one month of CIEE receiving this information and following a Friend’s eligible enrollment. CIEE will contact Referrer/s via email to request this information. If the Referrer/s do not respond to CIEE with the requested banking information to claim the reward within 30 days of outreach, CIEE will consider the funds unclaimed and award will be forfeited. 

2.9. CIEE reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to prevent any individual from participating in this or future promotions. 


3.1. Friend/s who open a Program or TEFL 150-hour Certification Course application agree to allow CIEE to share their enrollment status with the Referrer/s who referred them.