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International Student Exchange

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CIEE helps a diverse population of young people from around the world immerse themselves in American culture by living and working in a U.S. community during their summer break.

Through scholarships we are able to make our work exchange public diplomacy programs accessible to future leaders from a greater diversity of international locations.

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What People are Saying

  • "I learned a peaceful world is possible the moment we choose to look beyond skin color with a more open mind and receive each other's ideas with tolerance."

    – Selia from Zambia, spent the summer at Kings Dominion A Cedar Fair Park

By the Numbers

  • 92%

    of international alumni

    agree that their experience deepened their understanding of American culture

  • 91%

    of international alumni

    agree their experience increased their interest in international or cross-cultural topics

  • 95%

    of international alumni

    use the knowledge and skills gained in the US in a professional setting