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No matter who you are or what program you’re interested in, we can help you get there.

CIEE has made it our mission to help every student who wants to study abroad have access to this life-changing experience. Toward this end, we offer a range of college study abroad scholarships and grants for students on our college study abroad programs. Check out the links below for eligibility requirements and award details. Once we start awarding for a season, we’ll notify you within 2 weeks!

How to Apply


  • College Study Abroad scholarships and grants

    For Summer Students

    Students who enroll in more than one four-week session receive a 20% discount off each additional session. 

    See our Summer programs

  • Study abroad grants

    Need-Based Grants

    To help all students access study abroad, we provide GAIN Travel Grants and Go Global need-based grants up to $4,000 toward international airfare and program fees.

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  • study abroad scholarships

    Merit Scholarships

    For students at the top of their academic studies, CIEE offers six different types of merit-based scholarships, including the Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship. These awards honor our future leaders and provide funding for specific programs and areas of study.

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  • College Study Abroad scholarships and grants

    Minority Serving Institution (MSI) Grant

    Beginning in 2018, CIEE offers grants to help students attending Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) study abroad. For calendar year 2020, awards are available for the following terms:

    • $2,000 for semester/quarter programs*
    • $500 for summer programs
    • $100 for January programs (Latin American programs excluded)

    View list of MSIs

  • College Study Abroad scholarships and grants


    Go Abroad Again Grant: CIEE alumni receive a 10% discount if they enroll in another non-consecutive CIEE semester/quarter or summer study abroad program. The discount is applied after other awards and are subject to CIEE funding caps. Students enrolling in consecutive summer sessions are eligible for a 20% discount. Students enrolling in consecutive semester programs receive a 10% discount. Whenever you choose to do it, going abroad again with CIEE pays off!

    Note: Siblings of CIEE alumni are also eligible for this award!

  • College Study Abroad scholarships and grants


    Many resources exist in addition to CIEE’s scholarships and grants. We recommend that you speak with the study abroad office at your school for ideas, and consider these award programs.

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*Semester Global Internship programs are eligible for $1,000 in grants.

Note: For calendar year 2020, maximum scholarship and grant award amounts are $4,000 for spring or fall terms (two Open Campus Blocks [quarter calendar students] or three Open Campus Blocks [semester calendar students]), $2,000 for summer term and $1,000 for January term. January programs based in Latin America are ineligible for CIEE funding. In the event you are selected for multiple awards, CIEE may contact you to revise the size of your award total.

Important: All students applying for CIEE funding must complete the CIEE Scholarships and Grants task on their application by the published CIEE scholarships and grants deadlines. Applications completed after CIEE deadlines will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may not be eligible for awards.


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