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It can be hard to keep up with Latin America’s dynamic and rapidly evolving cultural landscape.

The diverse, twenty-odd nations of Latin America were born of a mixture of glorious indigenous civilizations, immigrants, and landscapes, all united by Spanish and Portuguese language. And CIEE has study abroad programs spanning the region, meaning you can study what you want, where you want.

Whether you want to study literature in Mexico, explore rainforests in Costa Rica, or get an inside look into the performing arts scene in Buenos Aires – all while improving your language skills – we have the study abroad programs to meet your needs and abilities.

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Live and Learn in Latin America



  • Argentina

    Study abroad in Argentina for a semester, summer, or year and enjoy an immersive, cultural experience in the most popular destination in South America.

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  • Chile

    Study abroad in Chile with CIEE, and immerse yourself in rich, local and regional culture with programs in the dynamic cities of Santiago, and Valparaiso.

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  • Costa Rica

    Study abroad in Costa Rica with CIEE and spend your time camping, hiking, snorkeling, or exploring rural Costa Rica through site visits and a homestay.

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  • Dominican Republic

    Spend time exploring the challenges facing a developing nation that is, nevertheless, the Caribbean’s foremost tourist destination.

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  • Mexico

    Study abroad in Mexico for a year, semester, summer, or winter term and become immersed through community service, and cultural excursions.

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Design Your Own Program

With CIEE's open campus model, you can design your very own study abroad semester program to include up to three different locations. Feel free to build your own program using our custom study abroad tool, spin the globe, or take a look at experiences around some of our most popular open campus combinations!

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