Study Abroad in Netherlands

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Study abroad wide shot of canal and buildings in Amsterdam
Study abroad students walking down the streets in Amsterdam
Study abroad students on beach at Amsterdam

Whether you want to study Business, Humanities or examine social and environmental challenges with a critical lens, the Netherlands is the place to be.

Choose from semester, summer, and year-long study abroad programs in Amsterdam. Enjoy world-renowned museums, art galleries, music, opera, and theater. Explore markets, cafes, and parks, and get to truly know the cities’ neighborhoods and streets by bike in the most cycle-friendly country on earth.

With CIEE study abroad in the Netherlands take advantage of field study, and cultural excursions that offer you a rewarding and immersive international experience.

Study Abroad Programs in Netherlands

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What People are Saying

  • "I made lasting friendships that I can confidently say that I will keep for a long time. I stepped outside of my comfort zone while knowing that there is a support system, whether it be the friends that I made or the CIEE staff that will be there to help me. I learned so much about public health, not only in the Netherlands, but the field of study in general and may decide to pursue it as a major."

    Wen Long Y., Yale University
  • "Lots of fun and very educational."

    Nimit G., University of Arkansas
  • "They did a good job of keeping us busy enough during orientation to facilitate friendships and sustained their involvement throughout the program which was nice."

    Alma P., Wesleyan University
  • "There is a lot of freedom to explore and adventure independently, which allows students to be interested in their own fields and follow those interests. While there are some structured trips and a regular class and classroom, it's nice to have some guidance, but also freedom to continue in certain areas of interest."

    Jillian M., Wofford College