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  • Business + Culture

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    AACSB Accredited

    The Dutch capitol of Amsterdam is an ideal place for studying global business.

  • January in Cape Town

    Cape Town, South Africa

    Spend J-term in the stunningly beautiful city of Cape Town exploring South African history.

  • Summer Sessions Online


    Staying home this summer doesn't mean you can't make the world your classroom!

  • Virtual Global Internship - 12 Week


    Full-time virtual internship with employers around the world

    Full-time virtual internship with employers around the world

  • Virtual Global Internship - 8 Week


    Experience the changing world of work without leaving your home

  • Open Campus Block

    Yucatan, Mexico

    Our Open Campus Block program allows you to start studying in Yucatán, then study in two other countries in one term.

  • Accelerated Chinese Language

    Shanghai, China

    Whether you’re a rank beginner or have strong Chinese language skills, you’ll progress by leaps and bounds, moving ahead at least two levels with CIEE in Shanghai.

  • Advanced Chinese Studies

    Beijing, China

    The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Olympic Stadium are just some of the awesome historic sites that will amaze you

  • Advanced Liberal Arts

    Barcelona, Spain

    A variety of outings and trips beyond the city make your understanding of this diverse region complete – and unforgettable.

  • Arts + Sciences

    Gaborone, Botswana

    Gaborone – or Gab as it’s locally known – is a fine place to connect with the people of Botswana

  • Arts + Sciences

    Legon, Ghana

    Ghana has a rich cultural heritage and fascinating history of politics

  • Arts + Sciences

    Sydney, Australia


    Choose from hundreds of courses offered in English at University of New South Wales’ suburban Sydney campus.

  • Arts + Sciences

    Seoul, South Korea

    AACSB and EQUIS ✓
    Seoul is full of intrigue and inspiration for students

    Seoul is full of intrigue and inspiration for students

  • Arts + Sciences (Dublin City University)

    Dublin, Ireland

    AACSB Accredited

    Write your next chapter in Dublin.

  • Arts + Sciences (Trinity College Dublin)

    Dublin, Ireland

    Live, learn, and discover the amazing city of Dublin with direct enroll courses at historic Trinity College, the country’s highest ranked university located in the heart of Dublin city center.