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Choose Arabic Language, Culture or Diplomacy and Cultural Studies and spend the next semester, summer, or year studying abroad with CIEE in Amman. Amman has an ancient history and a diverse, vibrant modernity. It is an accessible, cosmopolitan city with numerous museums, art galleries, theaters, and cinemas. With its reputation for security and hospitality, Amman is home to inhabitants from all over the Middle East. The city provides a safe and stable environment for students to learn about the region.

And with homestays, peer language assistants, volunteer opportunities and excursions to local and regional sites CIEE study abroad in Jordan offers a remarkable immersive experience for motivated students ready to take advantage of every opportunity.

Study Abroad Programs in Jordan

What People are Saying

  • "I studied abroad in the past with another organization. CIEE is so much more organized and just better in general in terms of value for money. Wouldn't recommend any other company."

    Student, Summer 2018
  • "Teachers were amazing and fully invested in the success of students"

    Student, Summer 2018
  • "I have been pleasantly surprised by the organization of this CIEE program.  CIEE is constantly holding academic and extracurricular events for the students and keeping their well-being in mind.  The professors and staff are kind and knowledgeable and have experience dealing with American students."

    Student, Spring 2018
  • "I have had great classes here and felt very safe throughout my time in Jordan."

    Student, Spring 2018

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