Study Abroad in Denmark

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Student looking into the city of Copenhagen, Denmark
Study abroad  in Copenhagen, Denmark  with Denmark flag

Design your ultimate study abroad experience at one of CIEE’s newest global homes, the CIEE Open Campus Block Network center in Copenhagen, Denmark. Whether you stay for 6, 12, or 18 weeks, this is the place to sink into the Scandinavian way of life. Copenhagen is a highly livable city, recognized for great quality of life, flare for design, stand out cuisine, and hygge – roughly translated, that’s the cozy factor.  

We’ll help you incorporate a homestay, language learning, service learning, an internship, a research project – all the elements you need for the ultimate study abroad experience. And of course, you’ll get out and about with excursions that put you in touch with all that’s special and unique about this fiercely Nordic corner of the world. Come explore Denmark with us!

Copenhagen #1 Place to go in 2019

Lonely Planet names Copenhagen the number one summer destination. Join CIEE this summer in Copenhagen for your best study abroad summer ever!

Study Abroad Programs in Denmark

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Design Your Own Program

With CIEE’s Open Campus Block programs, you’re in charge! You can design your semester abroad to include up to three dynamic locations - plus, select your academic focus and length of stay.


What People are Saying

  • "It was an amazing experience both academically and socially. CIEE not only provides us with an enlightening education, but also educates us on the world around us. I learned so much about Denmark, which played a huge role in my adjustment period."

    Jordan M., Colby College
  • "CIEE is great! I love the smaller class sizes, the staff is amazing, supportive, friendly, outgoing, and the types of people I think I'll have as friends/ acquaintances for a long time."

    Ava W., University of Colorado-Boulder
  • "CIEE offers great programs and the staff are great. The classes and locations are diverse and engaging."

    Dorothy G., College of William and Mary
  • "It was an amazing experience and everything was super enjoyable."

    Shannon S., Goucher College