Single Block Scholarships

Single Block Scholarships

NEED-BASED Single Block Scholarships

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Based on students' Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) from their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Name Qualifications DESCRIPTION AMOUNT (UP TO)
Gilman Go Global Grant Qualified Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship applicants Deducted from summer program fees* $1,000
GAIN Travel Grant EFC up to 10,000 guaranteed; other EFCs considered post deadline Travel costs to and from study abroad or internship program** $500
Minority Serving Institution (MSI) Grant Current attendee at an MSI. Award supports high-need students based on Student Aid Report (SAR) and availability of funds. Deducted from program fees $500

Merit Single Block Scholarships

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Based on academic achievement. Complete the Scholarships & Grants portion of your program application, along with an essay, to be considered for all awards to which you are eligible.

Frederick Douglass Summer Scholars Qualified applicants not chosen for a full fellowship are guaranteed a $1,500 program grant Deduction from program fees $1,500
McDermott Health Sciences, Nursing and Public Health Academic achievement and acceptance into a program focused on health sciences, nursing, or public health Deduction from program fees $750
Ping Scholarship for Academic Excellence Academic achievement Deduction from program fees $750
Ritzmann Tropical and Marine Ecology Scholarship Academic achievement and acceptance into a program focused on tropical or marine ecology Deduction from program fees $750
STEM Scholarship Any STEM major studying on any CIEE Summer Program Deduction from program fees $500
Stohl International Undergraduate Research Scholarship Academic achievement and acceptance into a qualified program Deduction from program fees $750
Wollitzer Merit Scholarship in Area or Comparative Studies Academic achievement and acceptance into a qualified program Deduction from program fees $750

Other Single Block Scholarships

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Awards are based on program, alumni status, or enrolled institution.

NAME Qualifications DESCRIPTION AMOUNT (up to)
Go Abroad Again Grant CIEE  alumni or sibling of alumni Deduction off of non‑consecutive in‑person terms 10% discount
Refer-a-Friend Rewards

Open to all CIEE alum and participants from high school and college study abroad, teach abroad, and tefl certifcations.

Earn a cash reward for each person you refer who travels on a CIEE program

$200 per successful referral

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    Read the How to Apply page to understand all your options

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    3. Complete the Scholarship & Grants application before the deadline (April 1/October 15, depending on your term)

Terms and Conditions

*Need-Based Grants: Students must submit their CIEE Scholarships & Grants application by these dates and provide proof of an eligible application to the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship.
**Need-Based Grants: Students with an EFC of 10,000 or less must submit their CIEE Scholarships & Grants application by these dates to be guaranteed a GAIN Travel Grant.  Students with EFCs above 10,000 should still apply, but they will be considered after the Scholarships and Grants Deadline. The GAIN Travel Grant is valid toward outbound and return airfare on CIEE programs. This is a credit with our partner travel agency and has no cash value. If you are selected for a GAIN Travel Grant, CIEE will not reimburse you for out of pocket travel costs.  If your institution covers your flights, you are not eligible for a GAIN Travel Grant.

Review the maximum summer scholarships caps.

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