Study Abroad in Scotland

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Study abroad in Scotland map with edinburgh and glasgow

Study Abroad in Scotland and uncover the charms and heritage of this Celtic country. 

Famous for its rugged highlands, dramatic lochs, hearty cuisine, and lively music, Scotland is a culturally rich country situated in the British Isles with a remarkable history and landscape waiting to be experienced. From its 1,000+ historic castles to its legendary golf courses, popular whisky distilleries, and symbolic bagpipes, Scotland has something special to offer every student who selects this Celtic gem as the setting for their study abroad adventure. 

When you study abroad in Scotland, you get to pick the Scottish city that intrigues you the most. Choose between Glasgow, known for its unique charm and industrial prowess, or Edinburgh, known for its striking architecture and literary heritage. Whichever city speaks to you, you’ll discover what makes Scotland a special place to live and learn abroad.  

From studying culture, arts, and sciences to gaining real-world work experience through a global internship, CIEE gives you access to unique academic and experiential opportunities that provide a uniquely immersive international experience. Make the rolling hills and dynamic city centers of Scotland your home away from home with CIEE! 

Best Places to Study Abroad in Scotland

  • Edinburgh

    Explore Scotland’s cultured capital and discover 1,000+ years of history, centuries-old buildings, and narrow, winding streets in this quaint, medieval city. 

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  • Glasgow

    Discover all Scotland’s cultural epicenter has to offer, from its legendary music scene to its outstanding architecture, world-class museums, and historic landmarks. 

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New Programs Coming in 2024


  • Semester in Edinburgh
  • Arts + Sciences (Napier University)
  • Summer Arts + Culture
  • Summer Global Internship
  • January in Edinburgh


  • Semester in Glasgow
  • Arts + Sciences (University of Strathclyde)
  • Summer Arts + Culture
  • January in Glasgow

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scotland a good place to study abroad?

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Home to some of the top universities in the world, Scotland is considered an excellent place to study abroad. Join tens of thousands of students who travel from 180 countries around the world to study abroad in Scotland. Alongside fellow international students, you’ll explore Scotland’s strong national heritage, stunning natural wonders, renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and acclaimed arts and culture.  

Is Scotland safe?

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Scotland is a very safe country, with some of the world’s lowest crime rates, although petty crime and pickpocketing may occur. As with any study abroad destination, we recommend that students keep their belongings secure, stay aware of their surroundings, and travel in groups when possible.

Study abroad Scotland vs. Ireland?

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Scotland and Ireland are close neighbors, with both offering exciting study abroad opportunities. These Celtic nations share many similarities, with a few notable differences. If more dramatic landscapes and rich history intrigue you, Scotland is your best fit. For students looking for modern architecture, entertainment, and pubs, Ireland is the right place.

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