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Spend your summer expanding your business portfolio and broadening your life experience by interning abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland's capital and home to a thriving business sector. Edinburgh hosts key financial services and technology firms and is a major education and tourism center. It’s also the seat of the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government so there are many public sector opportunities alongside a thriving social enterprise sector, which offers a chance to work with purpose-driven businesses. As a result, CIEE Edinburgh offers a wide range of internship opportunities across diverse industries.  

When you apply to become a CIEE intern, our staff will work directly with you to match you with an internship opportunity that suits your unique needs and professional goals. While internships are competitive, CIEE will help you navigate the internship interview process to set you up for success. Our staff will offer constructive resume revisions and provide you with the tools to succeed in your interview to ensure you are placed with the right opportunity. 

Learn more about our personalized placement process. 

Unique Experiences

Learn about the blending and distilling process

of Scotch Whisky

Tour Scottish Parliament

and witness business taking place

Take trips to the Highlands and Glasgow

to participate in cultural and social activities

10 %






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Your Destination

Edinburgh’s beauty is both staggering and inimitable. But the city is far more than just a pretty face. Take a closer look and there’s much more to discover. The capital city of Scotland and home to the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh is modest in size with a population of 0.5 million people, but boasts a large and diverse student population.  

Edinburgh was the center of the Enlightenment in the 18th century and was nicknamed “The Athens of the North.” Then, the city was a world leader in medical science, philosophy, and literature. Today, Edinburgh is a European center for financial services and biotech, and its universities are world leaders in fields as diverse as FinTech, AI, Celtic Studies, architecture, and biomedical and environmental sciences. The city is also a cultural hub, and home to the largest arts festival in the world, the Edinburgh International Arts Festival, which takes place in August every year. And, whether you’re looking to be entertained with live music in a traditional pub or be awe-struck by a show packed with drama, when it comes to entertainment the options are endless. 

CIEE wants all our students to feel welcomed, supported, and empowered to succeed while studying abroad. Local CIEE staff have provided details about conditions and cultural attitudes that students with specific identities might encounter in Edinburgh. 

The Culture

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Excursions & Activities

Ample activities and excursions will be offered to immerse you in Scottish culture and Scotland’s historic heritage. On an excursion, you might: 

  • A walking tour of the city center. Popular attractions include Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, and the Princes Street Gardens. 
  • Hike up Arthur’s Seat, an ancient volcano and hill located in Holyrood Park which offers superb walks and stunning views over the city. 
  • Day trips to soak up Scotland’s stunning geography, such as Stirling, Glasgow and the beautiful Scottish Highlands .
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Professional Development

  • Take advantage of resume help and interviewing skills based on local business culture 
  • Explore the professional working world of Edinburgh through organizational site visits, industry networking events, and guest lectures 
  • Participate in workshops that will help you make the most of your internship 

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As a global intern in Edinburgh, you’ll work in a non-paying position within a wide range of opportunities across a diverse set of innovative industries. Extra-curricular cultural activities in and around Edinburgh complement your coursework and immerse you in the history and culture of the city.

This eight-week program includes a full-time internship and an integrated online academic course. 

Language Requirements

If English is not your first language, you will need to provide proof of English Language skills with an IELTS score of 6.0+. 

Additional Requirements

Certain visa restrictions may apply and CIEE will advise students as part of the early application process.

Please refer to the detailed Program Essential Eligibility Criteria.

Individual courses may have additional prerequisites; for CIEE courses, these are listed in the syllabi below. Students are responsible for having their own course approval conversations with their advisors.


Students participate in an academic course taught in a hybrid learning environment alongside the eight-week, full-time internship. Participation in the integrated academic course and internship are mandatory for all participants.

Program Credit

Total credit: 6 U.S. semester/9 quarter credits

Course Credit

Internship: 6 U.S. semester/9 quarter credits; 15 integrated academic course hours, 225-300 internship placement hours 

Individual courses may have additional prerequisites; for CIEE courses, these are listed in the syllabi below. Students are responsible for having their own course approval conversations with their advisors.

Academic Culture

Students are expected to dress and behave professionally throughout their internship project and are subject to the agreed-upon internship protocols arranged by CIEE and the host organizations. The academic course is designed to prepare students for leadership in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse workforce. 

Class Format

Students participate in an eight-week CIEE full-time internship and academic course taught in an online learning environment. Class and/or work hours may be scheduled Monday-Friday, and attendance is strictly enforced for all. To avoid falling behind, students should not plan personal travel away from the city when classes are in session. 


Students will be assessed via assignments and activities related to the academic course, including but not limited to online discussion forums, reflective papers, individual or group presentations, analysis of readings, an internship work plan, and feedback from the internship supervisor. Internship supervisors and students each provide written evaluations of progress toward goals. 

Individual courses may have additional prerequisites; for CIEE courses, these are listed in the syllabi below. Students are responsible for having their own course approval conversations with their advisors.

Language of Instruction


Individual courses may have additional prerequisites; for CIEE courses, these are listed in the syllabi below. Students are responsible for having their own course approval conversations with their advisors.


Course Information

Summer Session I 2024

Semester Credit

Note: This course listing is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a contract between CIEE and any applicant, student, institution, or other party. The courses, as described, may be subject to change as a result of ongoing curricular revisions, assignment of lecturers and teaching staff, and program development. Courses may be canceled due to insufficient enrollment.
"(GI)" denotes courses that originated at CIEE's Global Institutes and that are offered at multiple CIEE sites.


Scholarships & Grants

CIEE offers scholarships and grants annually to help students like you make your study abroad dream a reality.

Students who apply to this program are eligible for the following scholarships and grants:

  • Ping Scholarships for Academic Excellence
  • CIEE Gilman Go Global Grant
  • MSI Grant
  • CIEE Stem Scholarship
  • Trailblazer Grant

To be considered, submit the CIEE Scholarships & Grants application within your CIEE program application.

Learn more about scholarships

Dates & Fees

Dates & Fees

You get more for every dollar when you study abroad with CIEE, because our high-quality programs include everything from excursions to insurance. There are no hidden charges, and no disappointing surprises when you arrive.


Application Due

Start Date

End Date

Fees & Housing

Program Summer 2024 8 weeks Application Due Deadline Passed Start Date End Date Fees & Housing $7,450

To help you budget, keep in mind that students are responsible for the cost of international airfare, local transportation, books and supplies, visas, and personal expenses. In addition, your college or university may charge additional fees for study abroad, or may require you to receive a transcript via CIEE's School of Record, which carries an additional fee of $500.

Program Fees

CIEE offers the most student support of any provider in its program fee, including an airport greeting, full-time leadership and support, orientation, cultural activities, local excursions, pre-departure advising, and CIEE iNext travel protection with benefits.

Participation Confirmation = $300*

Educational Costs = $4,453**

Housing = $2,500

Insurance = $197

Total Fees = $7,450

Estimated Costs

Students are responsible and manage costs related to travel, meals, books, and personal expenses. Below are estimates for consideration.

Meals not included in program fee = $233

International Airfare = $1,300††

Local Transportation = $150

Books & Supplies = $62

Visa Fees = $1,300

Personal expenses = $180†††

Total Costs = $3,225

Financial Aid

CIEE offers the most grants and scholarships of any study abroad organization, including $8 million/year in travel grants, merit-based scholarships, institutional and MSI grants, and Gilman Go Global Grants.

See Scholarships


**direct cost of education charged uniformly to all students

For students in homestays, families provide 2 meals (breakfast and dinner). For students in apartments, you should budget approx. $350 per month for groceries if you plan on making your own meals, and more if you plan on eating out regularly.

††Round-trip based on U.S. East Coast departure

†††$100 emergency fund + cell phone expense + toiletries

What's Included



Pre-departure Advising

Advising before you depart to set goals and answer questions

Optional on-site airport meet-and-greet


Introduction to your program plus practical information about living in your host city

On-site Staff

Full-time program leadership and support in your city

Cultural and/or Co-curricular Activities

Excursions and/or Study Tours

Travel Protection

CIEE iNext travel protection

24/7 emergency on-site support


Our Staff

Jacqui Bassett

Center Director

Jacqui is a born and bred Scot from Edinburgh. She has a postgraduate MSc in International Development from the University of Edinburgh and a degree in Psychology from the University...

Devon Garufi

Program Manager

Devon's passion for International Education began during her own study abroad experiences in Prague and Sevilla. Since then, Devon has dedicated her career path to working with people.

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