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Study abroad in mexico

Study in Mexico with CIEE and experience the spectacular Yucatán Peninsula

When you study abroad in Mexico, you’ll experience life on the beautiful and affordable Yucatán Peninsula – a region filled with incredible biodiversity, ancient artifacts, and a strong cultural legacy with 250 days of sunshine per year! Studying abroad in Mexico offers students a plethora of restaurants, museums, galleries, and fascinating natural wonders like world-famous Mayan ruins or hundreds of beautiful cenotes. 

Living and studying on the Yucatan offers you a unique study abroad experience while being just over an hour flight from the U.S. mainland. With a variety of course offerings, including history, environmentalism, STEM, communication, Spanish language, and more, CIEE’s study abroad programs in Mexico offer something every student can enjoy. 

In Mexico, you have the option to live with a host family, join in on study tours and excursions around the city, and even volunteer at local organizations. Whether you’re looking to improve your Spanish language proficiency or immerse yourself in life in Mexico, CIEE’s programs in Mexico may be the right fit for you!

Study Abroad Programs in Mexico

Study Abroad in Mexico Review

  • "This was an amazing experience and anyone can benefit from this, whether it’s through language development or cultural awareness."

    Alexus G., Virginia State University

Frequently Asked Questions


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Mexico is a generally safe study abroad destination for students to visit with close proximity to the U.S. As with any study abroad destination, we recommend that students stay aware of their surroundings, keep their belongings safe, and travel in groups when possible.


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With famous cultural sites, top-rated universities, and a large and diverse expat community, Mexico is a great place to study abroad in Latin America. Whether you want to learn Spanish abroad, study a variety of topics, or explore the natural wonders this country has to offer, Mexico is an exciting destination for the adventurer in all of us.


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CIEE has several tips for studying abroad in Mexico:

  1. Try to familiarize yourself with some Spanish before you go!
  2. Keep a copy of your passport or other identification with you at all times
  3. Only carry as much cash as you need
  4. Travel in groups when possible
  5. Explore as much of the country’s biodiversity and UNESCO sites that you can

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