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Benefits of Studying Abroad

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Change Your Life

Study abroad and you … what could be a more perfect match?  

The benefits of studying abroad impact each and every part of your life – academically, personally, and professionally. When you study and travel abroad, you’ll not only take your educational and professional journey to the next level, but you’ll also change your life like you never knew you could. 

What are the Benefits of Studying Abroad?

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1. Take in the World

You don’t travel to see; you travel to understand.

From practicing your Arabic and exploring the Middle East in the metropolitan city of Amman to studying sustainability practices and walking through a Cloud Forest in Monteverde’s lush ecosystem, studying abroad gives you a new perspective of the world.

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2. Make Lifelong Connections

Learn from those who've lived it.

In an increasingly global society, international connections are essential to building community and cross-cultural competency. Make forever friends in faraway places and create a professional network on a whole other continent. You’ll always have someone to visit when you return!

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3. Gain a Competitive Edge

Acquire essential skills that last a lifetime.

97% of students who study abroad find employment within 12 months of graduation and 25% earn higher salaries than their peers. Boost your resume with a global internship and build the edge you need to stand out by having international experiences abroad.  

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4. Become Your Best Self

Experience a world outside of your own and change your life.

Time and time again, students describe their study abroad experience as life-changing. It's true! Study abroad teaches you leadership, cross-cultural communication, adaptability, and so much more that has to be experienced to be understood. What are you waiting for?