Planning Study Abroad

Start planning with these helpful steps

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Whether you already know exactly where you want to go or you just know you want adventure start checking off steps towards the trip of a lifetime. 


  • Passport 
  • Curiosity 
  • CIEE Program 
  • A Sense of Adventure 

With just a few ingredients and this “How To” recipe, you could be on your way to all you’ve ever dreamed of. Discover 5 steps that will take you from your hometown to your home away from home.

In this recipe we cover everything from starting your application, to scholarships, and more! Every step of the way, we’ve got your back. So, toss on your apron, roll up your sleeves, and get ready for the study abroad journey of a lifetime.

Steps for Study Abroad Success

STEP 1: Stir Your Curiosity 

  • Start off by exploring our locations, programs, and scholarships! 
  • With over 30 locations to choose from there is a perfect mix for everyone.
  • Don’t know where to start? We’ve got your back. Sift through all our programs
  • Each year, students are offered thousands of scholarships that are need-based, merit-based, or program specific. Find the one that’s right for you. 

STEP 2: Pre-Heat Plans 9 – 12 Months in Advance 

  • Mix together some conversation and meet with your Study Abroad Office.  Each school handles study abroad differently so check in with your school to see how they manage study abroad! 
  • Meet with your academic advisor on campus.
  • Pepper in a discussion about options with your parents/guardians 
  • Connect with a CIEE Admission Advisor 
  • Fold in good study habits to maintain your GPA 

STEP 3: 

  • Blend these incredible study abroad ingredients together and decide on a program. 
  • Read blogs from other study abroad students to get the facts about a location or program 
  • Check out full-or part-time internships and boost your resume 
  • Consider designing your own semester in 3 different locations!
  • Where will your dream trip lead you? 

STEP 4: 6 – 9 Month Temperature Check 

  • Whisk together a passport application.  
  • Check for program deadlines! Pre-heat and submit your CIEE study abroad application and campus application (if needed) on time. 
  • Follow these easy application videos to help answer any questions.
  • Complete all scholarships and grant applications to sweeten the deal!   



Set the oven to 365 degrees and press START on the trip of a lifetime!