Program Deadlines

We’re very excited about your interest in CIEE Study Abroad programs and look forward to receiving your application. You can call 1-844-484-5687 or e-mail with questions regarding application deadlines or extensions.

Below you will find the deadlines by which CIEE applications must be complete, and the programs and locations associated with those dates. Because applications for programs are reviewed on a rolling basis, you are encouraged to submit your application well ahead of the deadline. Applications will not be considered until all materials have been received in Portland, Maine. Late applications are considered on a space- available basis.


Spring/Calendar Year


A note from CIEE regarding independent travel prior to the start of our programs: Please be aware that the visa process for some countries may require you to surrender your passport for several weeks prior to the start date of the CIEE program. These consular requirements may impact independent travel plans. Visa requirements should be investigated and considered by all applicants prior to planning independent travel. CIEE requires all students to be in possession of the proper visa documentation in order to participate in our program.