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Housing Accommodations for Every Student

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CIEE offers diverse housing options that have you living like a local no matter where you study abroad. From apartments to homestays, dorms to residence halls – and more – explore our various accommodations to find your home away from home!

Seville homestay


Designed for students looking to maximize cultural immersion and advance their language skills while abroad, homestays provide the unique opportunity to live with a local family (with or without another CIEE student). CIEE maintains a carefully selected network of host families, which come in all shapes and sizes. Our hosts are the gateway to an immersive experience as they open their homes – and hearts – to students by connecting them with the local community and offering support every step of the way.  

During a homestay, students have access to a private bedroom (single or double occupancy), shared living spaces (e.g. kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.), and select meals (typically two per day). Depending on the program and location of choice, the host family may speak English only, the local language only, or a combination of both. 

Paris Apartment

Residential Living

The ultimate local experience, students may live in a shared apartment in a local city neighborhood with other CIEE students. These furnished apartments feature single, double, or triple bedrooms (depending on the CIEE program and location selected). Students have access to a shared kitchen, bathroom, and common spaces, and are close to shops and eateries. 

Residence Halls/Dorms 
For a more familiar campus experience, students may live in dormitories. Depending on the CIEE program and location selected, dorms feature single or shared bedrooms with another CIEE student (or another local or international student). Residence Halls boast plenty of amenities, including dining halls, laundry facilities, and common spaces.

  • Rome apartment
  • lisbon housing dorm single room
  • Tokyo

Housing Options

At CIEE, we understand each study abroad student has different housing needs and interests. There are options that give you the opportunity to choose the housing abroad that best suits your preferences.

All programs automatically offer Standard Housing, which is included in the program fee. Many locations provide additional housing options for an added fee, including:  

  • Select Housing*
  • Select Plus Housing*

As you consider the options, please note that the default criterion to assign housing is first-come, first-served; however, other factors may also be considered. If we cannot accommodate your first housing choice, we'll let you know before you arrive. Once you select your preferred accommodation, be sure to complete the housing survey in your CIEE application.

Search Programs by Housing Type

*Varies by program and location; please visit individual program pages for more details

FAQs About Study Abroad Housing

If you're wondering how to move abroad and are a college student, you've come to the right place! CIEE offers college study abroad programs to students interested in living abroad for a few weeks, months, or even a full academic year! You can move to another country with CIEE by:

  1. Finding your dream study abroad program
  2. Exploring CIEE Scholarships & Grants
  3. Starting your application

When students study abroad with CIEE, there are several housing options available depending on the program and location, including:

When it comes to determining which housing option is best for you, we recommend you reflect on your budget, commute time, and comfortability living with others. Please visit individual program pages for more details.

Living abroad is when students have the opportunity to move internationally to another country outside of their home country. In the context of studying abroad, students move to another country to earn college credit, meet new friends, and explore a new culture and location.

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Participants with accessibility, medical, and/or learning disabilities that require specific housing accommodations are encouraged to apply to CIEE programs and to engage with CIEE in advance to prepare for successful participation in study abroad experiences. This policy is designed to help guide Participants, Study Abroad offices, and University Accommodation offices in planning for a CIEE Study Abroad program.

While CIEE reserves limited  funding to support Participants with disabilities, Participants should be aware that U.S. federal and state laws do not require their university or CIEE to provide funding for accommodations and facilities beyond U.S. borders. 

As a reminder, students are not obligated to disclose their disability in any personal statements during the application process if that is their choice, and CIEE does not factor disability disclosures into admission decisions. However, due to the complexity in sourcing accommodations internationally, CIEE may not be able to support housing accommodation requests made less than 45 days before program start date. Additionally, spring program Participants should note that accommodation inquiries made during the week of December 22 – January 1 (when CIEE is closed for the holiday) may not receive a response until after January 3. 

For any disability and/or medical accommodations, you may begin speaking with your CIEE Study Abroad Advisor at any time during your application process. For housing, we require documentation no later than 45 days prior to your program start (or April 15 for summer programs) in your MYCIEE portal. A Participant who requests medically necessary housing accommodations less than 45 days before program start date may be advised to postpone participation.

For requests made at least 45 days before program start, the CIEE Enrollment Team will communicate with the program site staff about the specific accommodations requested and inform the Participant whether such accommodations can be reasonably provided in the student’s selected program location. They will also advise whether the accommodation will result in any additional billing or expense. It is the Participant’s responsibility to ensure any funding required for special services abroad is arranged well in advance. If funding is not available from university disability accommodation funds, Participants are responsible for all costs associated with special services abroad.

Additional Resources

Participants are encouraged to reach out to their University Accommodation offices and view the following resources for additional information on funding and sourcing of accommodations abroad:

Additional Information

  • Select CIEE programs and locations feature slightly modified housing options. Housing options and categories are defined by single or shared occupancy and commute time. The estimated commute is measured in travel time, not distance (relative to the CIEE center unless otherwise specified). Additionally, the commute may be via public transportation or walking. Transportation is not included in the program fee.
  • CIEE vets all housing options but students are advised that crime and, in particular petty crime, is present in all cities of the world and should take appropriate precautions
  • Default criterion to assign housing is first-come, first-served; however, other factors may also be considered. If we cannot accommodate your first housing choice, we'll let you know before you arrive.
  • Independent Housing is not permitted unless the:  
    • Applicant has a natural family member that is a permanent resident in the host location with legal residency status (limited to parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles) living in the program host city.
    • Applicant is a “non-traditional student”, defined as students over 25 years old, married students, or students with children.
    • Applicant has a documented disability housing accommodation requirement which cannot be accommodated in CIEE’s housing stock
      • Requested and approved by CIEE (even if these conditions are met)  
    • Please check the FAQs for further information and deadlines for Independent Housing requests.
  • Housing between semesters for academic year students must be arranged and paid for by students; CIEE resident staff can provide guidance.