Study Abroad in Asia or the Pacific

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Though still almost half-way around the world, The Far East is getting considerably closer. Whether you want to study Chinese language in Beijing, intern with an international business in Mumbai, or work in a marine laboratory in Sydney, CIEE brings you close to 30 study abroad programs in China, India, Southeast Asia and Australia that perfectly suit your needs and abilities. That means you can study what you want, where you want.

And with direct enrolment choices, homestay options, volunteer opportunities and both local and regional excursions, CIEE offers you a fully immersive cultural study abroad experience.

So come explore Asia and the Pacific with CIEE – Really, it’s closer than you think.


  • Australia

    Whether you want to explore the outback, or a coral reef, study health sciences or art, CIEE has the study abroad program for you in Australia.

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  • China

    For more than 30 years, CIEE has provided students with the opportunity to explore Greater China.

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  • India

    There truly is nowhere in the world quite like India.

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  • Japan

    Old and new. Traditional and ultra-modern. Japan is a country of amazing and exciting contrasts.

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  • Singapore

    It is hard to believe that this island nation and all it has to offer began as a tiny fishing village just more than a century ago.

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  • South Korea

    Study business, language and culture in Korea—a land of contrasts and harmony.

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