Frederick Douglass Global Fellows

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Natalia Nadal

Natalia Nadal

 Open Campus Summer  sessions I and II are taking place in Buenos Aires. Some of the students belong to the Frederick Douglass Global fellows program.

We are delighted to share these 4-week-blocks in chilly  and sunny Buenos Aires with students that choose our city to spend one month of their academic lives.

Interesting courses plus excursions and day trips have made this experience most interested. Spending a day at a Estancia or ranch:  sharing asado, our Argentine barbecue; exploring long countryside extensions on typical charriots; watching the sunset on the pampas horyzon  has been one of the highlights of the visit.

This cosmopolitan city has so much to offer regarding architecture and culture: Palacio Barolo and Teatro Colón are two of our must see attractions. 





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