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Study abroad bridge in China
Study abroad Chinese architecture
Study abroad city view of Shanghai, China

With 30-years of experience, over a dozen programs, and professionally-staffed sites in Beijing, and our Open Campus Block Network center in Shanghai, CIEE offers students a variety of transformational study abroad programs in China.

Explore the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and the French Concession, and gain a new understanding of China’s past and present.  Immerse yourself in the culture with co-curricular activities at the theater, outdoor markets, and local events. Sample life in a rural community with a service project; explore sustainability in Beijing; intern with a local company in Shanghai; or take your Mandarin to the next level in Nanjing.

Homestays, peer language tutors, cultural activities, and excursions to local and regional sites will give you deep insight into China’s history, and a new perspective on its future. 

Study Abroad Programs in China

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What People are Saying

  • "I really learned a lot about China and I was able to thoroughly experience a lot of the culture there."

    Ancion T., Florida A&M University
  • "I would recommend this program because even though I was a beginner with no experience in the language, I felt like my class was so useful and well-paced. Having my Chinese roommate was a great way for me to not feel lonely and my teachers were all so kind, patient, and dedicated."

    Whitney W., University of Oregon
  • "This program was great! Not only was I able to develop my Chinese, I was also able to learn more about the culture!"

    Keylana J., University of Redlands
  • "Overall, I had a great experience! Staff and programs were wonderful."

    Larissa L., Babson College