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欢迎光临南京!Welcome to Nanjing!
By Yanfei Fu at CIEE
Hello everyone, I'm Yanfei from CIEE Nanjing. Throughout this semester, I will be posting some student writings about the program, the city and Chinese culture. Hope through the blogs, you...keep reading
  • 我的日程:My Schedule
    By Yanfei Fu at CIEE
    我的日程:My Schedule by Maddie Zimmerman So I thought I would devote a post to talking about my classes and my weekly schedule to give you all a sense of what...keep reading
  • Visitors! - Written by Annie Mazzola
    By Melinda Pap at CIEE
    Honestly, after seeing a week straight of grey Budapest skies, frequent sunny Italy pictures (or frankly pictures in any location where a parka is not needed), and large groups of...keep reading
  • Why Not? - Written by Annie Mazzola
    By Melinda Pap at CIEE
    Budapest, Hungary is not the most mainstream destination to spend a semester abroad. So shockingly enough, I am no stranger to the many unexpected looks and why’s when I share...keep reading
    Community Service: Bois d’Ecole project
    By Aminata Fall at CIEE
    The Ministry of Environment has initiated the Bois d’Ecole project in order to contribute to the improvement of the living environment and study of students and teachers and training of...keep reading

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