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By Charlie W.
I am leaving India in 3 weeks. It has been almost 5 months here and the endings begin to pile up. We have our final performance, a cultural show in...keep reading
  • First Generation Abroad
    By Amanda C.
    I am a first-generation college student currently studying at the George Washington University (and yes, the “The” is necessary). You might have heard of my school, but in case you...keep reading
  • Five Courses of Tea at ALTDIF
    By Taylor W.
    In Seoul there are so many amazing cafés that have unique and creative themes. If this interests you, I high recommend reading Helen's blog post, 5 Uniquely Themed Cafés in...keep reading
  • 6 Weeks in Berlin
    By Rumi Y.
    Leaving Paris was heart breaking. I was unconvinced I would welcome Berlin into my heart the same way that I did Paris. But here I am six weeks later, having...keep reading
    Life at Sophia University
    By Aleya G.
    Hello! We are almost at the midpoint of my first semester here at Sophia, and I think it's time to reflect on what it is like being a student here...keep reading

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