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  • Local festival of Hyderabad - Bonalu
    By Madhuri Gunti at CIEE
    India is popular for its colorful festivals and traditions. Such rich traditions and festivals are part of Hyderabad too. Historical monuments, IT technology, local bazzars, food, modern & traditional lifestyle...keep reading
    Eye Opening Activity Reflection
    By Jacob B.
    One excursion that really resonated with me was the concentration camp visit. It related to our studies in terms of both intercultural communication and global health. The atrocities that occurred...keep reading
    Goodbye, German Germs
    By Destin D.
    Here, I think I’ve learned the most about global health than I have in any other setting. We have covered health from a social, economic, and biological standpoint. I’ve researched...keep reading
    Blog #3 Who am I
    By Anisa B.
    Over the course of this seminar we have brodly learned about intercultural communications and global health. Before this trip, I never thought much of those issues because it was not...keep reading

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