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Face it. January break can be a real snooze fest. Instead of counting down the days until you’re back on campus with your besties or pals, why not use J-term to earn credits and travel abroad? Paris, Barcelona, Shanghai – these are just a few of the 23 amazing locations you can spend three glorious weeks exploring the world and earning credits.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of our most popular programs:

January in Prague

The magical city of Prague is at its most intriguing during the long winter nights. Imagine castles towering on the hillside under a moonlit sky. Spend your days discovering the complicated connection of Psychoanalysis and Art and come away with a new perspective on the power of creativity on the mind.

January in Yucatán

If old man winter tends to get on your nerves, escape to the Yucatán Peninsula! Surrounded by sunny skies, incredible biodiversity, and some of the most famous Mayan ruins in the world, you can spend three weeks learning to speak Spanish. Immerse yourself in the warm, welcoming indigenous community while you earn credits and explore Mexico.

January in Rome

Walk the same hallways as Vatican Bishops in CIEE’s recently renovated Global Institute! The stunning palazzo in Piazza Campitelli was built in the 1500s and used as a residence for Rome’s senior church leaders. As if that’s not enough reason to make Rome your home for J-term, study Food, Nutrition, and Culture and learn firsthand why Rome’s cuisine is so admired.

January in Kyoto

No place is more quintessential ancient Japan than Kyoto – making it the perfect place to study Manga and Art. In between tours of Imperial Palaces, afternoon tea breaks at traditional tea houses, and quiet meditation in Zen rock gardens, explore the factors driving manga’s success as a lifestyle and a creative industry.

January in Monteverde

Put on your hiking boots and spend January in the progressive mountain community of Monteverde studying Sustainable Development for the Tropics. The region’s breathtaking natural scenery explains why Costa Rica is one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world.

These are just a smattering of programs available for J-term study abroad. No matter which you choose, you’re guaranteed the most memorable winter break ever!

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