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Explore Kyoto, Japan

No place is more quintessential Japanese than Kyoto. The former capital city is lined with ancient palaces, traditional teahouses, and peaceful Zen gardens where you can ponder which amazing noodle house to dine at for an unforgettable bowl of ramen. Add in cultural activities and excursions and studying abroad in Kyoto will be an experience you’ll remember forever.

Every CIEE semester program has frequent cultural excursions and a multi-day study tour uniquely designed to complement the program’s academics and enhance students’ cultural immersion. In Kyoto, possible study tours and excursions include:

  • Day-trip to Nara, Japan’s first permanent capital, to see eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Nara Park, the Great Buddha Hall of Todaiji Temple, and the Kasuga Grand Shrine
  • Explore Iwatayama Monkey Park and feed monkeys, taste local specialties from Nishiki Market, and enjoy local festivals and celebrations, like Gion Matsuri and Jidai Matsuri, in and around the city
  • Take a guided tour of the Kyoto Imperial Palace, the former residence of the Emperor of Japan, and stroll the surrounding imperial buildings and gardens

Where Students Study

CIEE Kyoto
CIEE Kyoto is conveniently located in the city of Kyoto with easy access to the city’s comprehensive train and bus networks. CIEE Kyoto will be students’ home base, a safe zone for them to learn, grow, communicate, and collaborate.

Internships & Volunteering

Orientation will include an introduction to the community resources and opportunities to give back. Cultural activities and co-curricular activities, such as volunteering, attendance of local events, and engagement with peers at local institutions will provide opportunities for students to strengthen their Japanese language and culture proficiency, better understand Japanese social institutions, and help cultivate a positive and mutually respectful relationship between CIEE and its community partners.

Study Abroad Programs in Kyoto

Pocket Guide to Kyoto

  • Currency
    Japanese Yen

    Spoken Languages

    Available Transportation
    Bike, bus, feet

    Famous Local
    Haruki Murakami – an international bestselling novelist

  • Climate
    Short, hot summers; cold windy winters; mild spring and fall

    Did You Know?
    Before Tokyo became Japan’s capital city, Kyoto was the capital for more than 1,000 years

  • Airport
    Kansai International Airport (KIX)

    Social Norms
    Stepping on the boarder of a tatami mat is considered both rude and bad luck

    What to Pack
    Backpack, comfortable shoes, slippers, umbrella