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Deciding when, where, and what to study abroad can be overwhelming. Add to that specific dietary considerations, safety concerns, and general curiosities about finding your place in a new culture abroad, and you've got quite the choice to make.

That's where CIEE's Student Ambassadors can help! Reach out to one of our Student Ambassadors to learn what CIEE Study Abroad is really like from alums who've lived it. When you "Ask an Ambassador," you have the freedom to select which alum you'd like to chat with based on a variety of factors. Whether it's an ambassador from your school, someone with a similar major/minor, an alum who studied in the location you're interested in, or someone who can help you address a specific topic, you can easily connect with an ambassador to help make your CIEE Study Abroad journey a bit clearer.

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  • Annalise Myre

    Central European Studies in Prague, Czech Republic

    Georgetown University
    Major: Government
    Minor: Religion, Ethics and World Affairs

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  • Ashley Kim

    Arts + Sciences in Seoul, South Korea

    Lehigh University
    Major: International Relations and Economics; Minor: Asian Studies.

    Ask me about...
    First generation student, DEI, Financial aid, Mental health

    Contact Ashley

  • Claire Burnett

    Summer in London, 2022

    University of Iowa
    Major: Journalism and Mass Communication and Graphic Design

    Ask me about...
    Financial aid, Mental health

    Contact Claire

  • Emily Fernandez

    Society and Engineering in Madrid, Spain

    Claremont McKenna College
    Major: Data Science

    Ask me about...
    Student of color, First generation student, Financial aid, Mental health, STEM major

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  • EmmaGrace Fuhler

    Arts and Sciences in Seoul, South Korea

    University of Illinois at Chicago
    Major: Psychology
    Minor: Communications

    Ask me about...
    Religion, Mental Health

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  • Heather Tustin

    Business and Culture in Barcelona, Spain

    University of Iowa
    Major: Marketing
    Minor: Spanish

    Ask me about...
    Gender and Sexuality, DEI, Financial Aid, Mental Health, Other

    Contact Heather

  • Isabel McHenry

    Advanced Liberal Arts in Seville, Spain

    Georgetown University
    Major: Spanish and Business (Management)
    Minor: History

    Ask me about...
    Religion, DEI, Financial Aid

    Contact Isabel

  • Jackie Hardwick

    Summer in London

    Colby College
    Major: Global Studies
    Minor: East Asian Studies

    Ask me about...
    Student of Color, First Generation Student, Gender and Sexuality, DEI, Financial Aid

    Contact Jackie

  • Katherine Grace King

    Open Campus in Madrid, Spain

    Belmont University
    Major: The Creative & Entertainment Industry Studies
    Minor: Music Business

    Ask me about...
    Religion, Student of Color, Gender and Sexuality, DEI, Financial Aid, Mental Health

    Contact Katherine

  • Madeline Varga

    Summer Psychology in Prague

    Miami University-Oxford
    Major: Psychology
    Minor: Business and Human Capital Leadership and Management

    Ask me about...

    Contact Madeline

  • Nada Aggadi

    Arts and Sciences in Seoul, South Korea

    Oberlin College
    Major: Neuroscience
    Minor: Cognitive Science

    Ask me about...
    Financial Aid, Mental Health, STEM Major

    Contact Nada

  • Valerie Grau

    Arts + Sciences in Seoul, South Korea

    Indiana University-Bloomington
    Major: Voice Performance and International Studies

    Ask me about...
    Gender and sexuality, Financial aid, Mental health

    Contact Valerie

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