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Explore Paris, France

Study abroad in Paris with CIEE and experience what living in Paris as a student is truly like, from visiting world-renowned restaurants and high fashion boutiques to exploring famous museums and Parisian culture. As France’s capital city, Paris is a vibrant destination for study abroad students looking to study French, architecture, art history, fashion design, film, and more.

Europe’s cultural epicenter never fails to charm with its myriad of art, culture, fashion, gastronomy, and world-famous monuments. Even a simple stroll along the Seine River offers a magical taste of the City of Lights. 

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Every CIEE semester program has frequent cultural excursions uniquely designed to complement the program’s academics and enhance students’ cultural immersion.

In Paris, past excursions have included:

  • Breathtaking tours of The Louvre, the most visited art museum in the world
  • Weekend excursions to Bordeaux to explore the history of the slave trade and the culture of wine, or to Brittany to discover the musical heritage of this legendary region
  • Guided walks of the City of Lights

If you’re a student looking to study in Paris, CIEE’s study tours and cultural excursions offer a deep dive into the culture and history of Paris. Whether you want to explore Parisian culture through museums, eat at local restaurants, or practice your French, CIEE’s cultural excursions in Paris offer something for everyone.

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CIEE Paris
Our Center in Paris is part of the CIEE Open Campus Block Network. CIEE Paris is just minutes away from Grands Boulevards, the Palais-Royal, and The Louvre. It houses classrooms, library space, computer areas, and more.

Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3)
The Université Sorbonne Nouvelle is a branch of The University of Paris, the second oldest university in Europe, the founder of the first doctorate degree, and the alma mater of many historic intellectuals.

Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7)
One of the few French universities to teach all disciplines, Université Paris Diderot specializes in literature, comparative art studies, sociology, linguistics, the humanities, and natural and physical sciences.

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Depending on their program of study and availability, students may be able to participate in an internship or volunteer. In Paris, volunteer opportunities are available at sports clubs, arts organizations, youth centers, churches, schools, and more. 

Students can also build new skills and intercultural competencies with an internship and become an active member of the Paris professional environment.

Study Abroad Programs in Paris

Pocket Guide to Paris

  • Currency

    Spoken Languages
    French, English

    Available Transportation
    Metro, feet

    Famous Local
    Emma Watson – actress best known for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise

  • Climate
    Temperate year-round with warm summers (May to August) and cold, damp winters (November to March); mild spring and fall

    Local Attraction
    Fine arts – especially landmarks like The Louvre and Arc de Triomphe

    Did You Know?
    There is only one stop sign in the entire city of Paris

  • Airport
    Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)

    Social Norms
    Never begin a conversation without a greeting, such as “bonjour”

    What to Pack
    Backpack, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses

Frequently Asked Questions


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Paris is a good place to study abroad for many reasons, including access to well-respected colleges and universities, a diverse population, strong visual appeal, delicious Parisian cuisine, and more.


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Parisian culture and customs are centered around the arts, French cuisine, fashion, language, and so on. Regarded as a “center of high culture”, France is known for its sophisticated, chic way of life.


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In order to ensure our students feel welcomed, supported, and empowered while studying abroad, CIEE staff completes comprehensive diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) training. Staff provide students with advice, resources, and ongoing support both before and during their study abroad program in Paris.
For more detailed information on diversity in Paris, visit our Diversity in Paris page.

Study Abroad Scholarships & Grants

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APPLY IN 1,2,3!

You may be wondering if there are any scholarships to study in Paris. CIEE offers scholarships and grants for study abroad programs in Paris to students with demonstrated financial need, proven academic merit, and for specific CIEE programs. Students can apply for scholarships through 3 simple steps:

  1. Search for and apply to your dream program
  2. Review all available funding opportunities
  3. Complete the Scholarship & Grants portion of your application

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Based on students' Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) from their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and enrolled institution. Complete the Scholarships & Grants portion of your program application to be considered for all awards to which you are eligible. 


Based on academic achievement. Complete the Scholarships & Grants portion of your program application, along with an essay, to be considered for all awards to which you are eligible. 


Other scholarship awards are based on program or alumni status. 



Ask an Ambassador

Reach out to one of our Student Ambassadors to learn what CIEE Study Abroad is really like from alums who've lived it! Address any questions you may have about Paris, from your academic interests and travel planning to housing and cultural differences. 


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Paris Study Abroad Experiences

  • "The program made sure each student got a cultural experience through all of the planned outings! The apartments were very nice and comfortable too! I couldn’t have asked for a better time in Paris!!!"

    Emily S., Marymount University
  • "CIEE did an amazing job of giving us all the tools we needed to make the most out of our study abroad experience. We were provided with study trips, lists of activities and authentic restaurants, and opportunities to be physically and mentally active. I have enjoyed my first 6 weeks and am excited for my next block in Paris."

    Kayln Miaya-Ree W., Spelman College
  • "The Open Campus Block allowed me to experience other cultures from all over the world, while allowing me to learn from those cultures as well."

    Citlaly A., Portland State University
  • "It has been a great experience for me. The staff at the CIEE campus in Paris are so great and helpful especially during the strike."

    Mikayla B., University of Oklahoma Norman Campus