How to Talk to Your Parents About Study Abroad

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College Study Abroad

It’s a big decision to study abroad but it’s also a life-changing one. Not just for you, but for your parents, as well. Here are a few ways to prepare for and facilitate a successful study-abroad pitch!

Do Your Research

Before you sit down with your parents, schedule a meeting with your school’s study abroad advisor to discuss approved programs. Afterward, research the programs that are a good fit for your academic goals. Remember – it’s about your studies, career path, and personal goals – not just what your friends are doing. Set up a time with your parents, bring brochures of the programs you’re interested in, and focus on why you think you and study abroad are a great fit.  

Only the Benefits

There is so much to gain from study abroad! From learning a new language to gaining leadership skills, completing an internship to meeting professionals in your field, experiencing new cultures to seeing the world – it’ll all make you a more well-rounded person. Make sure to emphasize how beneficial it will be for you and your future. 

Safety Comes First

Like it or not, your parents will always be concerned about your safety! Show them you care by researching emergency numbers, insurance, vaccinations, safety alerts, and any other health and security information about your destination. Emphasize CIEE’s best-in-class health, safety, and security protocols, 24/7 on-site professional staff, automatic iNext insurance, and world-wide network. Come up with a detailed communication plan and promise to follow it to a T.

Money, Money, Money 

With financial and federal aid, study abroad is possible, and that doesn’t even include all the scholarship opportunities out there! At CIEE, we offer more than $8 million in scholarships and grants every year. Also, nothing will make your parents more proud than seeing you chip in. Create a budget, get a part-time job, help around the house, and start saving. Here are additional ways to save.

Plus, our application process couldn’t be easier. It literally takes less than a minute to apply for every need-based scholarship you’re eligible to receive. In a few weeks’ time, you’ll find out exactly what you qualify for. 

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Keep calm – this is a conversation, not an argument. Take the time to listen to any questions or objections they may have and give them space to make their decision. 

If they have any further questions that you don’t have the answer to, have them call us! For real – our staff is always available to help.