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CIEE offers a range of full-time and part-time internship abroad opportunities for students. With internships spanning a diversity of fields — from public policy to the arts, business administration to marketing — CIEE has you covered. You’ll develop the skills you need to succeed in the next steps of your career.

  • Semester Global Internships

    Semester-length programs that combine 6 weeks of coursework with an 8-week full-time internship and seminar for up to 15 credits

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  • Summer Global Internships

    8-week, 6-credit programs consisting of a full-time internship and seminar that provide real-world work experience throughout the summer.

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  • Programs with Internships Opportunities

    Part-time internships offered as elective components to semester-long study abroad programs, providing on-site work experience.

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My Global Internship

CIEE Berlin Intern recently placed as part of his CIEE Global Internship Program 

Why Intern Abroad?

  • Take your career across borders and build your network of global professionals
  • Gain relevant skills and experience to make you stand out among the competition
  • Explore a new location and enjoy the rich benefits of cultural immersion 

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Internships for All Majors

  • No matter what your major or field of interest, work experience and cross-cultural skills are essential to your professional success
  • We match your aspirations with employers around the globe using our vast network of trusted professionals
  • If you have an industry or field in mind, you can browse our programs based on your area of interest

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