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CIEE offers a range of full-time and part-time internship abroad opportunities for students. With internships spanning a diversity of fields — from public policy to the arts, business administration to marketing — CIEE has you covered. You’ll develop the skills you need to succeed in the next steps of your career.

Recent graduates who had a relevant job or internship while in school were more than twice as likely to acquire a good job immediately after graduation.”
— Gallup, 2017 “What Gallup Learned About Higher Education in 2017”

  • Semester Global Internships

    Semester-length programs that combine 6 weeks of coursework with an 8-week full-time internship and seminar for up to 15 credits

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  • Summer Global Internships

    8-week, 6-credit programs consisting of a full-time internship and seminar that provide real-world work experience throughout the summer.

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  • Programs with Internships Opportunities

    Part-time internships offered as elective components to semester-long study abroad programs, providing on-site work experience.

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My Global Internship - CIEE Berlin 

Why Intern Abroad?

Nothing better prepares you for the job market than an internship. Forbes Magazine calls college internships "the ultimate return on investment for today's college students." 

So why intern abroad?

Gain Real-World Experience
Test drive your career path with hands-on experience at companies big and small.

Build Your Resume
Show prospective employers you've got the skills needed to succeed from day one.

Grow Your Global Network
Expand your professional possibilities by making connections with employers and colleagues around the world. 

Acquire Global Competencies 
Develop strong intercultural skills, the flexibility to work in diverse teams, and the ability to navigate across cultures and time zones.

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For more than 30 years, we've been placing students into high-impact internships across a wide range of industries and fields. We know that global work experience paired with a strong academic framework will turn today's students into the next generation of forward thinking innovators, teachers, and leaders.

What Will You Discover During Your CIEE Internship?

  • “One of the greatest things I came away from this internship with is the inspiration and skills to start my own business, something I have always been interested in. I realized that I am capable of it, especially with the tools and connections I have made.  I loved the cultural things I was able to learn and the people I met. I now feel I have a home in South Africa.”

    Leah K., Cape Town Global Intern
  • "This program integrates living in a new city with a meaningful internship. My experience has allowed me to adjust to full-time work experience and work on professional habits such as communication with superiors and building relationships within the workplace. It has also allowed me to become more confident with the skills and knowledge that I have in relation to the work I am able to complete.”

    Jeanine L., Singapore Global Intern
  • “I have come back to my studies confident in my skills and with a yearning to continue my professional and academic career. To the individuals who seek to better themselves, the experience of living and working abroad is like no other. "

    Mikhael L., Berlin Global Intern

Internships for All Majors

No matter what your major or field of interest, work experience and cross-cultural skills are essential to your professional success.  We match your aspirations with employers around the globe using our vast network of trusted professionals. If you have an industry or field in mind, you can browse our programs based on your area of interest.

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Finding the right internship for you is our number one priority. Perspective Global Interns can join us each Tuesday at 1:00pm ET, for an informational webinar where you will hear more about our global internships around the world, our personalized placement process, and the benefits of being a CIEE Global Intern.

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