Semester Global Internships

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A CIEE Global Internship advances your unique skill set, gives you real-world work experience, and makes your resume stand out in a competitive global job market. Now more than ever, it is critical to enhance your cross-cultural skills for the global job market, by doing an internship abroad.

With CIEE, you'll be matched with a program that aligns with your academic and career goals across a broad range of industries in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

How Internships Work

CIEE Semester Global Internship programs combine the value of real-world international work experience with integrated academics in a thoughtfully designed 18-week study and internship program to ensure you get the most out of your time abroad.

18-Week Semester Internship

  • WEEKS 1-6

    • Take two academic courses
    • Earn 6 credits
  • Weeks 7-18

    • Work part-time (20-25 hours per week)
    • Take a 6 credit seminar
    • Leverage your experience for future professional development
  • Bonus

    • Enroll in 1-2 additional courses
    • Earn up to 6 credits for no additional cost

Internships by the Numbers

  • 3,500

    employers worldwide

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  • 1,000+ interns

    semester interns placed

Internship in Japan

Academic Seminar

To receive credit for the internship, you’ll complete a mandatory academic seminar that will help you make the most out of your internship—and teach you how to leverage your experience for future professional development. The internship seminar is taught in a hybrid format by an instructor with knowledge of the local work culture. Course topics may include:

  • Interviewing and Negotiating
  • Organizational Culture and Change
  • Career Networking and Design


What Interns are Saying

  • It is a great opportunity to genuinely enjoy studying abroad and not just staying stuck in a classroom or with immense amounts of homework. It is also great for building independence and culture appreciation. It is good for really being a part of the country you are in. And the course is relevant to all kinds of internships which is nice that it's flexible.

    Lisbon SU 22 GLINT
  • It is a great experience not just academically but also personally. I have learned so much about myself during these months and building connections is so important in life. 

    Barcelona SU 22 GLINT
  • I am generally an introvert and this experience overall has made me push myself a lot. I have gained good friends and made so many great connections with locals. It is truly something that would be regretful to miss out on.  

    Cape Town SU 22 GLINT
  • It is an amazing opportunity to explore a new country. My internship experience really added to my professional development, so I would highly recommend the internship as well.  

    Copenhagen SU 22
  • CIEE has been a great program and has given me a great opportunity to succeed.  They are organized and go above and beyond to make sure their students have a great experience.  The staff is approachable, they organize fun events, and make the students in the program feel connected.  

    London SU 22 GLINT

Which location is right for you?

When you apply to a Global Internship program, we do the work to match you with the internship opportunity that meets your needs.

What can I do in an internship?

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Help develop their Google Analytics page and with their website. Translate documents and shadow projects

Biotechnology - Marketing
Work on a variety of tasks to help with consumer awareness of product, also work on tasks to improve clarity of use to avoid customer confusion. Research and present on results.

Organize some events for the company. Prepare materials for press releases, creating marketing materials and try to promote it in the targeted market.

Do research, preparing legal tenders, look for project opportunities.

Assist with client research, market research, creating and distribution of marketing materials. Research new marketing methods to gain new students for the language school. Visit elementary schools in a neighborhood to develop client relationships. 

Emergency Health
Do research about health-related topic (for instance Alzheimer disease) to consolidate into a report for the company.

Event management
Assist in many events and financial transactions for the company. Plan corporate events, make reservations, talk to clients.

Assist the operations department with commission payments. This includes calling clients to update profile information, emailing clients to answer questions about tracking payments. assist the production area of the company working with payment solutions to increase efficiency of national and international payments. Duties include: Commission research, data entry, retrieval and maintenance, talking with customers one-on-one about services they would like or questions they have.

Graphic design - Fashion
Use Adobe Photoshop to present designs in a pleasing and informative manner, arrange the product images for the online shop, as well as set up the designs for social media to encourage followers to vote and visit the website. 

Health Care Startup
Market research on clinical trials in the US. Target pre-clinical trials that are ready to move into the clinical trial. Arrange meetings for a company CEO

Human Resources
Find potential business to work with as well as search for ideal candidates for the open positions, check peoples' skills. Look for leads for candidates, programmers at LinkedIn, posting job profiles, finding contact information from companies.

International Consulting
Research on different projects that aligned with client desires or skills.

Participate in team meetings and events, learn the basics of US immigration and documents and be exposed to case strategy decisions/discussions, attend consultation calls with attorneys, draft government forms and packages according to legal requirements, complete various internal projects and utilize internal case management system.

Analyze market trends and competitive analysis on social media. Recommend marketing strategies depending on marketing channels. Edit and participate in online fundraising campaigns. Website edit and design.

Marketing and Design
Design graphics and advertisements for website and social media pages. Create online marketing campaigns and newsletters for international markets. Initiate relationships with international collaborators.

Marketing Translator
Translate marketing documents from Spanish to English to be send to publishers.

Medical Research
Assist with data collection and processing data. Work on cleaning data and writing programs in R to ensure that viability of data. 

Research on the task, query, or issue that a third party (e.g. a government department) has commissioned the host organization to research.

Real Estate
Do market research to compare the industries of the US and host country. Maintain a property database, help with marketing of properties.

Solar Energy
Investigate new locations for potential installation of solar panels.

Startup Accelerator
Prepare investor deck - investment plan and accounts books. Help with marketing. Direct, collaborative work with the CEO and COO. 

Market research for European market, research marketing, strategies of competition, copywriting, editing of marketing materials.

Technology Start-up
Translate important presentation decks describing the company’s business model for English-speaking. Main project for the semester can be to a financial plan for the company. Collaborate with the marketing team and use data collected by Google Ads to see revenue and to see which services were worth paying for these advertisements. Connect this financial model to the financial statements to allow the company to see the current state and provide and outlook for the year.

Video Game Design
Write narrative for a new video game. 

Semester Global Internships

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