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An internship anywhere is a great opportunity to gain practical real-world work experience and learn more about a field you’re passionate about. An internship abroad, however, provides all that – and then some. When you intern abroad, you'll experience a variety of benefits, as it’s truly an exciting way to gain invaluable on-the-job experience in our increasingly globalized world. And just imagine the stand-out resume you will have as a result! 

The Top Four Benefits of an Internship Abroad 

Let’s explore four benefits of an internship abroad and discover why our global interns say an internship abroad is a must.  

Benefit #1: You’ll Gain Valuable Work Experience  

One of the most coveted benefits of a global internship is the opportunity to work alongside professionals in an industry or career path you’re interested in. An international internship is your chance to learn more about different work practices and the expectations of different roles within a business. It also gives you an indication of whether the kind of work you’re doing is a career path you want to pursue or not.   

In addition to getting on-the-job training, you’ll receive additional insight into how different countries and regions operate and gain a competitive advantage over other job seekers who may not have international internship experience. Having the ability to work in different environments, especially one where English may not be the primary language, or in a field that differs greatly from the U.S., will be incredibly valuable to future employers. Plus, it gives you something interesting to talk about once you do land that job interview. 

Benefit #2: You’ll Expand Your Global Professional Network  

With an internship abroad, you’ll get to meet a ton of professionals from all around the world. Having a network that spans the globe is huge: Your professional network is what will help you with job placement, professional advice, and much more.  

Don’t be afraid to lean on your professional network, that’s what they’re for – to help others succeed! And, in turn, you’ll be there for them. With an international internship, your network will be robust 

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Benefit #3: You’ll Gain Confidence and Independence  

Participating in an internship abroad takes guts! Not only will you be living in a new and unfamiliar place, but you’ll also be diving headfirst into a professional world where you’ll encounter different people from many backgrounds, absorb a ton of new information, quickly learn how to adapt and problem-solve, and much more.  

With this unique set of challenges, you’ll absolutely gain confidence and independence, both of which are incredibly desirable qualities in a future employee!  

Benefit #4: You’ll Enhance Your Resume  

An international internship guarantees an improved resume and one that will definitely stand out to future employers. Not only will your professional experience in another country be a major plus, but a person who chooses a global internship is likely someone who is passionate, curious, skillful, and not afraid to take chances. These traits are key considerations for employers who want motivated employees who are also just really awesome human beings!  

Discover CIEE’s Internships Abroad 

With CIEE, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of internship abroad programs, locations, and industries. The easiest way to do that is by using our Internship Search Tool! This platform allows you to explore all the placements we have available right now (and our list grows daily!) in each city, occupation, and term. 

Bonus: Most of our internships also count toward your college credits. Note our different types of offerings below to help determine what kind of global internship experience would be best for your personal and professional goals. 

Featured International Internship Programs  

We offer four different internship abroad programs: 

  • Summer Global Internships: Lasting eight weeks and offering six credits, this full-time internship combines professional experience with an educational seminar.  
  • Semester Global Internships: Taking place over the course of 12-weeks, this part-time internship includes coursework and a seminar, offering up to 15 credits.  
  • Part-Time Internships: Choosing a part-time internship as an elective means during a semester-long traditional study abroad program you’ll also gain real-world work experience.  
  • Virtual Global Internship: Working anywhere in the world remotely from your computer is a growing trend that’s here to stay! During this eight- or 12-week program, you’ll choose from for-credit and non-credit options and have the chance to dive into companies across the globe – all from the comfort of your home!  
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Internship Locations 

The most exciting part: Choosing which location you want to complete your internship abroad in! And heads up, we offer them all over the world, including:  

We offer on-site CIEE support in each of our internship locations. So, if you have any questions, we’re available every step of the way.  

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Get on Your Way 

An internship abroad will be an experience of a lifetime that could also kickstart your career! Get started by applying to a global internship program today.