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A CIEE Summer Global Internship advances your unique skill set and makes your resume stand out in a competitive global job market. Now more than ever, it is critical to enhance your cross-cultural skills for the global job market, by doing an internship abroad.

This summer, travel the world, grow your global network, and gain real-life work experience!




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Our CIEE Summer Global Internship programs combine a full-time internship with an integrated academic seminar to provide professional exploration and specific skills development. You’ll learn to contextualize real-world experience while learning about local business culture, intercultural communication, professional development, and linkages between local and global industry trends.

When you apply to summer internship abroad, we do the work to match you with the internship opportunity that meets your needs.

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Finding the right summer internship for you is our number one priority. Perspective Global Interns can join us each Tuesday at 1:00pm EST, for an informational webinar where you will hear more about our global internships around the world, our personalized placement process, and the benefits of being a CIEE Global Intern.

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