Summer Global Internships

Placement Process

Our CIEE Summer Global Internship programs combine a full-time internship with an integrated academic seminar to provide professional exploration and specific skills development. You’ll learn to contextualize real-world experience while learning about local business culture, intercultural communication, professional development, and linkages between local and global industry trends.

When you apply to summer internship abroad, we do the work to match you with the internship opportunity that meets your needs.

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  • Barcelona, Spain

    Hone your skills with an internship in tech, entrepreneurism, arts, communication, business, marketing, or hospitality and tourism.

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  • Berlin, Germany

    Looking for an insider’s perspective on Europe’s largest economy?

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  • London, England

    As a Global Intern in London, and expand your professional portfolio

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  • Prague, Czech Republic

    Spend your summer working with leading organizations

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  • Seville, Spain

    Spend the summer in Seville learning about business, management, education and training, IT, or STEM while interning at companies of all sizes.

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Africa and the Middle East

  • Cape Town, South Africa

    In Cape Town, opportunities abound in a variety of sectors

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Asia Pacific

  • Hong Kong, China

    Spend your summer interning in Hong Kong

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  • Mumbai, India

    Mumbai contains the site of Asia’s oldest stock exchange

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  • Shanghai, China

    Learn about business ethics, corporate structure, and fiscal policies while completing a full-time internship in the largest city in China.

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  • Singapore, Singapore

    Singapore has a wonderland of lush green spaces

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Latin America

  • Santiago, Chile

    Explore markets and museums of this modern metropolis

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North America

  • Boston, United States

    Learn why Bostonians call the city “The Hub”

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  • New York, United States

    Make America’s most cosmopolitan city your destination

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  • San Francisco, United States

    Work with top businesses in fields

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  • Toronto, Canada

    Toronto offers world-class arts, entertainment and cuisine

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