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Study Abroad in Rabat Morocco

Explore Rabat, Morocco

As Morocco’s capital and second largest city, Rabat hosts many prestigious universities, international institutions, including UNESCO and the World Bank, and a wide range of opportunities for students to experience its culture through art exhibits, music, and theater.

When you study abroad in Rabat, you’ll experience this city’s rich Islamic and French-colonial heritage, all while boosting your Arabic and French language skills. Home to the country’s most important museum, the Royal Palace, Rabat is one of the most welcoming and vibrant cities in Morocco with a strong international vibe for students. 

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Every CIEE semester program has frequent cultural excursions and a multi-day study tour uniquely designed to complement the program’s academics and enhance students’ cultural immersion. In Rabat, past study tours and excursions have included: 

  • Visits to markets, cultural sites, and theater performances
  • Trips to Rabat’s Old Medina and Kasbah, ancient ruins of Challah, and the Andalusian Gardens 
  • Visits to an Amazigh village in Ourika
  • Hikes in the High Atlas Mountains
  • Trips to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in coastal Essaouira 
  • Overnight excursions to Fez and Marrakesh

If you’re a student looking to explore Morocco’s history, culture, language, and more, CIEE’s tours and excursions in Rabat allow you to do just that. Whether you want to meet Rabat people, study different cultures in Morocco, or complete Arabic or French language programs, studying abroad in Rabat offers something for everyone. 

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Where Students Study

CIEE Rabat
CIEE Rabat is located in the prominent neighborhood of Agdal in central Rabat with easy access to public transportation. Only a couple miles from the historic Hassan Tower and Chellah gardens, our center in Rabat places students near the city's top sites, restaurants, shops, and more. 

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Internships & Volunteering

Depending on their program of study and availability, students may be able to participate in an internship or volunteer. Students interested in interning in Rabat may be able to work with NGOs and private institutions, including Amnesty International, the Orient Occident Foundation, Organization for Human Rights and Development, and several others.

Students looking to volunteer in Rabat can work with descendants of pre-Arab inhabitants of North Africa, hospital patients, visually impaired students, mentally challenged youth, women’s groups, or children from low-income families. Students may also be able to tutor Moroccan university students or meet with local Moroccans to practice their language skills.

Study Abroad Programs in Rabat

Pocket Guide to Rabat

  • Currency
    Moroccan Dirham

    Spoken Languages

    Available Transportation
    Tram, bus, feet

    Famous Local
    French Montana – an American-Moroccan rapper known for his hit songs including “Unforgettable” (2017)

  • Climate
    Muggy, dry, and clear summers (June to September) with highs around 80°F; cool and cloudy winters (December to March) with lows around 47°F

    Places to Explore
    11th-century Kasbah of the Udayas – a district of twisting colorful streets and hip cafes

  • Airport
    Rabat-Sale Airport (RBA)

    Social Norms
    It’s forbidden to eat with your left hand in Morocco

    What to Pack
    Lose flowy clothing, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, bathing suit, shirts that cover your shoulders

Frequently Asked Questions


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Rabat is a good place to visit and study abroad because of its rich history, Moroccan culture, and opportunity to study Arabic or French. As Morocco’s second largest city, Rabat is home to several cherished museums, NGOs, stunning colonial architecture, and much more that students can explore.


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Rabat has much to discover, from gardens and museums to historical sites and theaters. Popular attractions in Rabat include Hassan Tower, Kasbah des Oudayas, Royal Palace of Rabat, and Chellah.


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Rabat is considered one of the safest cities in Morocco, but as with any new city, we encourage students to stay aware of their surroundings, keep their belongings secure, and travel in groups when possible.


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Known best for hosting Morocco’s Royal Palace, Rabat is also known for its more relaxed, less crowded lifestyle as compared to Casablanca. As the official capital of Morocco, Rabat has a rich history that dates back to the 11th century, making it an exciting destination for students interested in learning Arabic or French, Moroccan history and culture, and more.


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In order to ensure our students feel welcomed, supported, and empowered while studying abroad, CIEE staff completes comprehensive diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) training. Staff provide students with advice, resources, and ongoing support both before and during their study abroad program in Rabat.
For more detailed information on diversity in Rabat, visit our Diversity in Rabat page.

Study Abroad Scholarships & Grants

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APPLY IN 1,2,3!

You may be wondering if there are any scholarships to study in Rabat. CIEE offers scholarships and grants for study abroad programs in Rabat to students with demonstrated financial need, proven academic merit, and for specific CIEE programs. Students can apply for scholarships through 3 simple steps:

  1. Search for and apply to your dream program
  2. Review all available funding opportunities
  3. Complete the Scholarship & Grants portion of your application

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Based on students' Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) from their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and enrolled institution. Complete the Scholarships & Grants portion of your program application to be considered for all awards to which you are eligible. 


Based on academic achievement. Complete the Scholarships & Grants portion of your program application, along with an essay, to be considered for all awards to which you are eligible. 


Other scholarship awards are based on program or alumni status. 



Ask an Ambassador

Reach out to one of our Student Ambassadors to learn what CIEE Study Abroad is really like from alums who've lived it! Address any questions you may have about Rabat, from your academic interests and travel planning to housing and cultural differences. 


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Rabat Study Abroad Reviews

  • "The staff is friendly, flexible, and above all - passionate. Every expectation was exceeded. They are here because they want to be here, and it makes me want to be here too. I can’t wait to recommend CIEE to my friends at home."

    Reagan M., University of Louisville