On Fridays, We Eat Couscous

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CIEE Rabat

Couscous is a traditional Moroccan dish, eaten on Fridays - the day of congregational prayer. Huge groups gather around one big table a eat the dish together, normally by hand. Lben, a type of buttermilk, is the drink paired with the dish. The meat is never eaten first, always last, as it is why the meat is buried below every other ingredient. I got to experience this twice, once while I learned how to make the dish with other students, and the other time when I ate the dish with my extended homestay family. Both times created new memories for me and reminded me of making gumbo with my family, and all the hard work that went into it, every Thanksgiving. I was glad I got to experience this Moroccan staple from beginning to end.

A recipe for couscous

Author: Miriam Berry