Study Abroad in Russia

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Study abroad buildings in St Petersburg
Study abroad student group in front of the Smolny Historical and Memorial Museum
Study abroad garden of flowers in Russia

Now is the time to experience Russia with CIEE.

Spend a summer, semester or year improving your Russian language skills, or studying the country’s rich culture and history in St. Petersburg, Peter the Great’s beautiful “Window to the West.”

Explore the city’s golden palaces, pastel-colored mansions, landscaped parks, gardens, and canals. Spend a night at the ballet, or afternoon at the Russian bathhouse (banya). Take a group cooking class in Russian cuisine, cheer on hockey and soccer teams with local students, and listen to your host babushka wax nostalgic about Brezhnev over breakfast in your homestay.

With CIEE study abroad in Russia take advantage of a fascinating and uniquely immersive international experience.

Study Abroad Programs in Russia

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What People are Saying

  • "The program offers opportunities to explore the social and academic aspects of Russia."

    Kaleigh G., University of North Texas
  • "CIEE Study Abroad is a helpful and supportive community of mentors, tour guides, and friends that make the most of your stay abroad. There are so many places and activities I would never have thought of visiting or trying without CIEE’s spectacular planning."

    Sabrina I., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor