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  • Santiago during summertime
    By CIEE Santiago at CIEE
    During summertime, Santiago becomes a peaceful metropolis. Students are on summer break and some people take their vacations during this time of the year. Long summertime days give us the...keep reading
  • It's about the people of Cape Town
    By Cape Town Centre at CIEE
    Authored by Madi Spence (she/her) (Madi's concentration is in Social Entrepreneurship and she spent 4 and a half months in Cape Town as a student in Open Campus Block I,...keep reading
  • Alumni Profile: Emily Crowell
    By St. Petersburg at CIEE
    Emily Crowell Spring 2008 Vanderbilt University Why did you choose to study abroad in St. Petersburg? What were your expectations? Did they match the reality? I was a history major...keep reading

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