CIEE Student Ambassadors

Get Paid to Talk About College Study Abroad

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You return home from your study abroad adventure and all you want to do is talk about your newfound love for international travel with anyone who will listen. What if you could get paid to do exactly that? 

CIEE is excited to continue our paid Student Ambassador Program for another year. Designed for you to share your experiences with others, this program invites you to become a CIEE Brand Ambassador to inspire your friends and peers to have their own unforgettable study abroad or global internship adventure with CIEE. 

And it’s not only about spreading the word! When you become an ambassador, you will:

  • Become a sales expert and transform the study abroad landscape on campus
  • Gain access to exciting perks and benefits
  • Get career training and professional development
  • Hone your resume, public speaking skills, and marketing chops
  • Earn $$ and opportunities to travel!  

What does a CIEE Student Ambassador do? 

Student Ambassadors educate fellow students on their campus about CIEE and the world of study abroad.

Throughout the semester, ambassadors will: 

  • Work as CIEE marketing and sales ambassadors, sharing their referral code to sign up future CIEE participants
  • Coordinate panels and presentations for students
  • ​Share their story at campus study abroad fairs and post on social media
  • Respond to inquiries and support students with coffee chats, emails, and calls 
  • Work with CIEE representatives active on campus 
  • Write blogs, news articles, and guides for prospective study abroad students  
  • Host lunch-and-learns
  • Track and report on activities regularly  

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits

Financial - Professional - Swag - Travel

  • $500 stipend upon completion of the program, to be paid twice throughout the semester
  • Professional development workshops 
  • Referral bonuses to recruit new ambassadors
  • $200 cash when students study abroad with CIEE using your unique referral code
  • CIEE Student Ambassador swag 
  • And more: Top ambassadors have a chance to win an all-expenses paid professional development workshop at one of our CIEE Centers!

Just the Facts

Successful Ambassadors are...

  • Working up to 3-5 hr/week, both on campus and online
  • Current college student with a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Required to post on their own social media accounts as a Brand Ambassador
  • Involved with extracurriculars on campus 
  • Able to commit one year as an Ambassador (under special circumstances, ambassadors can work for just one semester/quarter)

Apply Today

Represent CIEE On Your Campus

Join us and change the world as a Student Ambassador!

This fast-paced, brand-new opportunity is your chance to spread the word about CIEE, convince your friends to study abroad, and join a group of passionate students around the country as the face of CIEE. We look forward to reading your application!

Apply today to be an ambassador for the spring '23 semester or the winter '23 quarter! Applications are due by December 5.